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   ENS 207 G Enskar mállıskur - English Dialects
Course Page 2011 (Spring)

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Note that the videos (screen capture) for this course are posted in Ugla undir "Upptökur", which means "recordings". (I can't unfortunately change the title to English, or the system will create a new "Upptökur" folder).





Reading:Melchers and Shaw


10 Jan

Language and dialect
Prestige and Standardization

First-week assignment. Please read this assignment before class. In class, we shall discuss the assignment and fix the due date, which will not be before the 3rd week.
Slide for first-week assignment
Linguistic Variables (introduction)

Chapters 1and 3.
12 Jan

In this session I shall discuss the "Readings" posted in Ugla I shall also discuss the first  chapters of Melchers and Shaw.
Introduction to Reading 2 : Reading 2 (Wells Sets and Systems)  


17 Jan

Accent vs dialects    
Regional vs. RP
Isoglosses and continua

Readings 1 and 3 in Ugla: general questions concerning dialectology.
Isoglosses    Language and Dialect
19 Jan Trees and Waves
Workshop 1: South of England
(now posted in Ugla. Please note that I shall post the ANALYSIS of these texts very shortly.)



Sets and variables
Rules and processes

We will review assignment 1, finish the South of England, and start looking at Reading 4 (in Ugla)
My answers to the first assignment  This assignment is now closed.
Processes I
4.1 England
4.2 Wales
4.3 Scotland
4.4 Ireland
26 Jan Workshop 2 North of England (now posted in Ugla)


31 Jan

Mapping the British Isles

Second assignment. (due 7 February)
More on processes - prominent British changes after the Crossing of the Atlantic (Wells's "Great Divide")
Newcastle text
Processes II
Clearing up England: practice in listening.
2 Feb Processes III


7 Feb

Mapping the British Isles

Processes IV
9 Feb Scotland
Workshop 3 Scotland and Wales (now posted in Ugla)

14 Feb

Mapping the British Isles

Third assignment.
How to record audio clips
16 Feb Workshop 4 Ireland  (now posted in Ugla)
Slide on Ireland

Slide on dialectal areas in Britain

21 Feb
23 Feb

 Reading week

Fourth assignment (mid-term)     report on fourth assignment  


28 Feb

Chronology: colonialism.

North American

Notes on assignments

The global spread of English

2 The Spread of English
4.5 The USA
2 Mar Workshop 5 North America: USA  (now posted in Ugla)
European Settlement of North America
North American accents

5th assignment  Answers to 5th assignment


7 Mar

North America

Surprise: r-intrusion in rhotic American English (sent in by Baldur Snær Jónsson) - false alarm!
Worshop 6: Canada.  See also Workshop 6 in Ugla
BATH raising

Canadian Raising - < Review this to see Melanie's note
4.6 Canada
9 Mar Southern Hemisphere
PLEASE NOTE: There are two video files for this session


14 Mar

Southern Hemisphere Workshop 7 Southern Hemispherre (now posted in Ugla)
NZ   S.Africa

Here's the NZ clip we went over in class: audio    text
4.7 Australia
4.8 New Zealand
4.9 South Africa
16 Mar Final Paper


21 Mar

India and Africa Class cancelled Africa
Workshop 8 India and Africa is now posted in Ugla.
Video for this week is posted in Ugla/Upptökur/India 2010
5 The Outer Circle
23 Mar Class cancelled


28 Mar

Pidgins and creoles

Pidgins and creoles
Workshop 9 Pidgins and creoles is now posted in Ugla.
30 Mar Black English (This is the S.Afr. clip I used in class)
Black English


4 Apr


Workshop 10 Review is now posted in Ugla.
Answers to 5th assignment (Revised version!!!)
Answers to 5th assignment (Second revised version!!!)
6 Apr Final Paper   Report on final paper (with answers to samples)
audio for final class