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   ENS 207 G  English Dialects
Assignment 2

Posted 30 Jan 2011. Due date for this assignment is before class on 8 February. It may be sent by email or handed in at the Information Desk in Gimli, or at the beginning of the class. It may be hand-written.  For information on how to use phonetics symbols in an electronic text, see the links to "Phonetics Symbols" and to "p0" on the front page of this course.

Here is an example of how to work:
I went into Coplow Dale, Derbyshire at
and wrote up the first few sentences:
"And that was the nasty thing about [........] hay that it was all put on t t'cart and then you had to pull it apart to get it off, and the sad thing was that we made hay stacks or father did, and mother couldn't make a haystack...."
[If you can't understand a word or two, use periods in square brackets as I have done. After listening to this a number of times I realised that the missing word was "unloading".]

I found examples of all three variables in this passage, all negative (no foot-strut or bath-trap Splits and no R Dropping).

Next, find a text or texts with positive values for these variables.

*I shall explain this term and others you should use in class.