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   ENS 207 G  English Dialects
Assignment 4 - Mid-term assignment.

Due date:  Monday 7 March, before class.

  1. Remind yourself of the slide on the dialectal areas in the British Isles
    OR (better) go through the 6th week video again (16 February), where this slide is explained.
    The slide deals with 5 variables, as follows:
  2. For each area, work out which variables show the newer (innovative) form, and which the older (original). For instance, NG Coalescence is a historical process, so it is an OLDER form where it has NOT occuured (where it is NEGATIVE), and it is an INNOVATION where it HAS occurred (where it is positive).

  3. On the basis of your findings, say which area has the greatest number of innovations, which are intermediate, and finally which areas show the fewest innovations.
     - Why do you thnk this is?
  4. Now add three more variables that we have considered so far (take Britain only, not Ireland).

    How do these variable fit into the picture? - remember that it is only possible to map out these  9 areas by simplifying the picture considerably. If you check in the Variable page you will see that the actual situation is far more complicated and fragmented than the slide-show suggests.