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Happy Tensing

No map. Conservative (=old-fashioned) RP and URP have no Happy Tensing; nor do some Midland and Northern accents. Some American accents also lack Happy Tensing. But it is gaining ground in RP, and is very common overseas.


(Sound: HappyT1.mp3) You do not have plug-in suppor.t

Note that there are several grades of Happy Tensing.
In my variety of Happy Tensing I have it in study but not in studied
in city but not in cities - i.e. it only happens when the vowel is unchecked.
I shall call it Full Happy Tensing when it occurs in checked syllables such
as in studied and cities. In class we have sometimes called this Nappies Tensing.


Happy T

Full Happy T

study studied

(Sound: HappyT2.mp3) You do not have plug-in support.


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