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The areas where foot and goose are merged are Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Icelandic students should be aware that they are also likely to merge foot and goose ,
and so will find this variable difficult to hear.
You should also bear in mind that since Scottish English has different rules of vowel-length,
there are no length distinctions between these two vowels.

Scotland and Northern Ireland


Clips from BBC Voices:
Screw loose
(GOOSE GOOSE), cuckoo (FOOT, GOOSE) all with the same vowel(Stirling, Scotland) 
School (GOOSE), you (GOOSE) and looked (FOOT) with the same vowel (Stirling, Scotland)
Put (FOOT), peculiar (GOOSE), too (GOOSE) with same vowel
Northern Ireland:
Good laugh, good time, both with a GOOSE-like vowel
Do (GOOSE), use (GOOSE), should (FOOT), could (FOOT), all with the same vowel 

(Audio clips from BBC Voices)

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