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   English Accent Variables
This is an access page for some important linguistic variables in the British Isles and Overseas. It's under construction.

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In general, I follow Wells's (1982) structure and terminology, with some minor changes and additions (e.g. Full Happy Tensing or Nappies Tensing; NT Coalescence).

The grey links  will turn red when they're completed.
Yellow links are operative, but incomplete and provisional.

General note on Processes


  Variable Name   Sounds concerned   Areas concerned   Further details
*** foot-strut Split strut words Everywhere except Central and Northern England
*** bath-trap Split bath words Southern England
*** The trap vowel bath and trap vowels British Isles
*** foot goose Merger foot and goose words Scotland and Northern Ireland
*** nurse Merger nurse words Scotland
** Long Mid Diphthonging: face and goat words South of England + Southern Hemisphere vs. the rest of the words. Mixed in America
*  Long Mid Mergers face and goat rarely unmerged: British Isles
*** goat Fronting  goat words Southern England, America, Southern Hemisphere
*** Diphthong Shifts fleece face proce choice goose goat mouth South of England, Southern Henisphere
* fleece Merger fleece words spelled with <ea> middle North of England
*** Happy Tensing
Full Happy Tensing
city hurry create
cities hurried
Most accents except N.England and some American
*** Weak Vowel Merger
(Lenin-Lennon Merger)
weak vowels everywhere: least common in S.English dialects
** High Back Fronting: goose and foot S. England, S. Hemisphere
* lot-cloth Split lot and cloth E. America, some older S.Eng accents including conserevative RP.
*** lot Unrounding
(= lot-palm Merger)
lot N. America, SW England, Ireland
** thought--lot Merger thought and lot Scotland
** thought-palm -lot Merger thought N. America
** Marry Merry Mary Merger trap dress square before r N. America
** price-mouth Raising price and mouth Canada
** trap Raising trap (and bath) N: America
* pin-pen Merger kit and dress before nasals America: Southern States
* price Monophthonging price America: Southern States
*** Front Vowel Raising trap dress and kit S. Hemisphere
** kit centring kit S. Hemisphere
* kit Split kit S. Africa
*** near-square Monophthonging near and square S. Hemisphere, N. England
** near-square Merger near and square India, Africa
* north-force Merger north America


*** Rhoticity:
  R-Dropping (= non-rhoticity)
  R Insertion
  Partial Rhoticity
*** H Dropping England
*** NG Coalescence W Central England
*** ING Variable throughout
*** L Vocalization S England, S Hemisphere
** Light L Darkening Scotland, America
* Dark L Lightening Ireland or English Hyperadaption
*** Glottalization England, S Hemisphere
*** T Glottalling England
* PK Glotalling (Full Glotalling) London
*** Glide Cluster Reduction Scotland, America
*** TH Fronting , London
*** T Voicing America
** NT Coalescence America
*** Yod Coalescence S England
*** Yod Dropping America
* P T K Deaspiration S Africa

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