05.15.87-026 Enskar mállýskur - English Dialects
Pétur Knútsson

 What to read in Wells’s Accents of English.

Bolded and marked * = READ!

Volume 1

* 1.1, pp 1-39
Skip 1.2, pp 39-72, although I shall deal with some of the points in this section in class.
1.3 How accents differ, and 1.4 Why accents differ . Both background reading to early material for this ourse.
* 2.1 The reference accents
*2.2 Standard Lexical Sets , pp 127-168. Basic material. You should know this in detail
2.3 Typology. You can skip this, I'll sumarize it in class, but I don't find it very illuminating.
*Chap 3 Developments and Processes, p. 184 to end of volume. This is basic material, and you will need it all, although  3.3, Some American Innovations, can be left until we come to North America in the second part of the course.

 Volume 2, The British Isles.

*Everything. Ireland not until 2nd half of course.

Volume 3, Beyond the British Isles

*Chapter 6 North America.  (We'll take 6.6. Black English, woth Pidgins and Creoles if we have time at the end of the course.)
Chapter 7 only if we have time at the end of the course.
*Chapter 8 The Southern hemisphere - all.
Chapter 9, India and Africa, only if we have time at the end of the course.