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   ENS 208 M Enskar mállýskur / English Dialects
Pétur Knútsson, Spring 20
London Estuary English:
Wanpela Vanuatu wantok:

This course will look at accent variation in the British Isles, English accents in America (U.S. and Canada) and the Southern Hemisphere (Australia, New Zealand and South Africa), and include an overview of African, Indian and Asian varieties of English. Hopefully we will also have time for an introdution to Creole studies.



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Our basic text for this course is Melchers, Gunnel, and Philip Shaw: World Englishes. Arnold 2003
Other material wll be made available here or on Ugla. Two important background texts are


MA students will also concentrate on one particular area or aspect (in consultation with me) and write an extra assignment on it

Here are some links that I'm thinking of using in this course:


And here's a VERY useful link sent to me by an ex-student:

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