Minitext A
[se wer e ne g on geeaht unrihtwisra] found in "Psalms 1-50 " in

Note that this text has been copied from the Toronto corpus, which gives the manuscript reading: LOOK CAREFULLY AT THE SPELLING DIFFERENCES from Baker's normalized text.

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1.1 Eadig by se wer e ne g on geeaht unrihtwisra, ne on am wege ne stent synfulra, ne on heora wolbrendum setle ne sitt.

and so on, using Baker's glossary. From now on only supplementary notes:

1.2 Ac his willa by on Godes , and ymb his he by smeagende dges and nihtes.

1.3 Him by swa am treowe, e by aplantod neah wtera rynum.

1.4 t syl his wstmas to rihtre tide, and his leaf and his blda ne fealwia, ne ne searia; swa by am men e we r ymbsprcon eall him cym to gode t t he de.

1.5 Ac a unrihtwisan ne beo na swylce, ne him eac swa ne limp; Ac hi beo duste gelicran, onne hit wind toblw.

1.6 y ne arisa a unrihtwisan on domes dg, ne a synfullan ne beo on geeahte ra rihtwisena.

1.7 For am God wat <hwylcne> weg a rihtwisan geearnedon, ac a unrihtwisan cuma to witum.