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Pétur Knútsson and Þórhallur Eyþórsson

This is a working page of links to the material for the course. 


Krapp and Dobbie, the Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records (Note on this text, PK)
Slide: the Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records
  Link to the Complete Corpus of Old English, Univesity of Oxford Archive
Texts for this course


10 Jan 2017

12 Jan 2017

17 Jan 2017

19 Jan 2017

Tolli's class: continuing with Cædmon. Here are Tolli's materials (posted in Ugla) for this session:

 Baker´s "Magic Sheet"
Old and Early Modern English
OE dates (pdf)
OE Sound Changes (pdf)

24 Jan 2017
Cædmon, Völuspá et al.: introduction to metre
Class video

26 Jan 2017

Tolli's class

31 Jan 2017

Note on this session (for those who don't have access to Ugla)
Deor   Kemp Malone's glossary for Deor 
Some themes in Anglo-Saxon poetry 
Class video

2 Feb 2017   - NO CLASS!
7 Feb 2017
Wulf and Eadwacer
 Wulf and Eadwacer in Baker
  Pétur's page for Wulf and Eadwacer
Slide: Wulf and the Riddles
Class video

9 Feb 2017

Tolli's class: GRAMMAR!


14 Feb 2017

The Wife's Lament

 The Wife's Lament in Baker
Hamer's translation
Donatus, Bede, Ælfric
Class video

16 Feb 2017
Tolli's class: MORE GRAMMAR!

21 - 23  Feb 2017 No class - Reading Week

Assignment for reading week (due date 28 Feb)

  My answers to the assignment

28 Feb 2017

This week we will continue to grapple with The Wife's Lament

Pétur's notes on Wife's Lament
Class video
Check back to the slides on OE metre and the class video on 24 January (begins at 37 minutes)

2 Mar 2017

The Battle of Maldon

 The Battle of Maldon in Baker
Sigurjón Páll Ísólfsson þýddi
Hamer's translation
Glenn's translation  Glenn's notes NBPlease read one of these translations carefully before class!
Slide for Maldon   Slide on verbs
Class video

 7 Mar 2017

Required reading in Maldon
Class video

 9 Mar 2017 Today we'll finish off Maldon.

Class video

 14 Mar 2017

("Hige sceal þe heardra...")

The Dream of the Rood
Baker's Rood
Gordon's translation
Slide for the Dream
Class video part 1 (NB first 10 minutes missing)   Class video part 2

 16 Mar2017

The Rood continued

Slide on runes
Rune Poem
Class video part 1 - unfortunately the discussion on runes was not recorded.
Class video part 2

 21 Mar 2017 Tolli's class
 23 Mar 2017

Beowulf: these are the passages we will read:

Beowulf 64-85
Beowulf 702-727
Beowulf 1492-1540

and here is some help:

Klaeber's Glossary a-h     Klaeber's Glossary h-y

 28 Mar 2017

Béowulf and Bjólfskviða
Tolkien: Beowulf: the Monsters and the Critics
Class video

 30 Mar 2017

Unfortunately, both Pétur and Tolli are abroad!
But here's an excercise for you: Exercise on metre   My answer

 4 Apr 2017 Tolli's class.
 6 Apr 2017 Final session!

Class video

Final paper  

Final paper.  Due date: 10 May; proposals by 14 April.
Questions to us, peturk[at], tolli[at]