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   Old English - course schedule. Autumn 2013.

This page is (obviously) under construction. I shall be adding material as the course progresses.

2013 Baker: chapters Slides and subpages Texts
Week 1 
2,4 Sep 
First 4 chapters The OE Alphabet
Note on OE alphabetical order
OE-ON correspondences
North, East, West Germanic and OE
Some differences between OE and ON inflections   
Introductory text (home page)
Minitext A (Baker p. 46. HTML file)  
Week 2
6,11 Sep
Chapter 5, Pronouns Slide 3 Pronouns  
Week 3
13,18 Sep
Chapter 6 Nouns Slide 4 Nouns. This is a talking file. You may have to click the speaker icon.
Week 4
23,25 Sep
Chapter 7 Verbs Slide 5 Verbs Wulf and Eadwacer
Wulf and Eadwacer (Baker)
Week 5
30 Sep,
2 Oct
Chapter 8 Adjectives Slide on adjectives
More on Germanic innovations
Wife's Lament (Baker)
Wife: Pétur's notes (cf 37)
Week 6
7,9 Oct
Chapter 9  Numerals
Chapter 10 Adverbs, Conjunctions and Prepositions
Slide on numerals

Here's my clock

Here's the (tiny) exercise I promised you.   answers
Cynewulf and Cyneheard
Cædmon (my notes)
Northumbrian Version
Week 7
14,16 Oct

Reading weak.  Set texts and assignments
 -- Mid-term assignment --

Week 8
21,23 Oct
Chapter 11 Concord Baker's workout chapter 11
Lyric for Advent in Baker
 Lyric for Advent Pétur's crib
Week 9
28,30 Oct
Chapter 12 Word-order   Wanderer in Baker
  Pétur's crib
Week 10
4,6 Nov
Chapter 13 Metre
Chapter 14 Poetic Style
A-S Poetic Record Rood
  Rood, Baker
  Rood, Dickens and Ross
  Rood, Hamer
Questions and answers on Rood

Exercise on metre

I have just added (2.Nov):

Week 11
11,13  Nov
Chapter 15 The Grammar of Poetry

Beowulf 64-85
Beowulf 702-727
Beowulf 1492-1540
Klaeber's Glossary a-h
Klaeber's Glossary h-y

Béowulf and Bjólfskviða
PK, The Intimacy of Beowulf (not required!)
Week 12
18,20 Nov
Week 13
25,27 Nov
Revision   Skeat's English-Anglo-Saxon Vocabulary
  Final paper    

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