Spring  2006
Pétur Knútsson            
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05.16.36 Seminar, and  05.16.37  Seminar Project: 
Illiteracy, Orality, Literacy and Textuality

Seminar (2.5 credits)

Class notes (with links to videos and other material)

Some useful links:  Rhetoric    I-E roots    etymonline

Seminar Project (2.5 credits)

 This course may only be taken in conjunction with the seminar course. There will be no scheduled classes, but tutorials will be scheduled as necessary. This part of the course is only open to MA students, although I may allow undergraduates with good grades in written English to take it also.

Assessment: one fully completed paper, 2000-4000 words. Students will be expected to submit a draft before the  the 8th week, and to arrange for consultation with me during the 8th - 13th weeks. Deadline for final paper: 15th week. It may be possible to arrange for one general class in which I shall run over the main points of presentation and format I expect in the paper.

Please get in touch with me at peturk@hi.is if you have questions or comments