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Autumn 2010

ENS 101 G How Language Works

ENS 701 M  MA Seniuar: Experimental Phonetics

Summer Term 2009

The two courses which I made available for self-study during the summer have been cancelled, for reasons which I must confess I find rather silly: according the rules courses with under 10 students will not be taught. My objection is that these are not "taught courses", and the cost of holding exams is minimal; but I have been over-ruled. However, I am leaving these two courses on the net for the moment, should they be of any use to anyone.

ENS 101 G Phonetics

ENS 207 G Dialects of English

Autumn Term 2009

ENS 105 G Phonetics II - Prosody

Spring Term 2009

Dialects of English (ENS 207 G, 10 ECTS)

Autumn Term 2009

How Language Works (my part of the course)

Videos for this course

Autumn Term 2008

Phonetics I (ENS 101 G, 5 ECTS)  (NB this is a complete record of the course)   

Metaphor ( 5-th week class taught for Þórhallur)  

Autumn Term 2011

ENS 501G English Phonetics II     (prerequisites)

ENS 113F MA Seminar A 

Spring Term 2012

I shall not be teaching this term.


Older courses

History of English

Orality, Literacy, textuality

Old English


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