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Full-time staff: [Guðrún][Júlían][Magnús][Martin][Matthew][Pétur][Robert]

Sessional Instructors 2001-2: [Birna][Eva][Fríða Björk]

All full-time staff have offices in Nýi Garður except Robert Cook, who is in Árnagarður.

Departmental Chairs:
Autumn 2001: Guðrún Guðsteinsdóttir
Spring 2002:   Julian D'Arcy

Full-time staff:

Guðrún Guðsteinsdóttir, Ph.D., dósent

Tel: 525 4453 -- Fax 525 4410 -- gsteins@hi.is

Research interests: Literary history, literary theory,
Canadian & American literature, post-colonial literature


Júlían M. D'Arcy, Ph.D., dósent

Tel: 525 4450 -- Fax 525 4410 -- jaydarcy@hi.is

Research interests: Scottish literature, 18th-20th c. British literature, the novel, the historical background to literature, sport literature


Magnús Fjalldal, Ph.D., dósent

Tel: 525 4454 -- Fax 525 4410 -- mafja@hi.is

Research interests: Anglo-Saxon, English medieval studies, early American literature


Martin Regal, Ph.D., dósent

Tel: 525 4452 -- Fax 525 4410 -- regal@hi.is

Research interests: Drama, theatre & film studies, British 19th c. literature, American 19th & 20th c. literature


Matthew Whelpton, D.Phil., lektor

Tel: 525 4451 -- Fax 525 4410 -- e-mail: whelpton@hi.is

Research interests: General and applied linguistics, syntax and semantics, argument structure.

Matthew's website:http://www.hi.is/~whelpton/


Pétur Knútsson, M.A., lektor

Tel: 525 4456 -- Fax 525 4410 -- peturk@hi.is

Research interests:Linguistics, dialectology, phonetics, Anglo-Saxon, translation theory

Pétur's website:http://www.hi.is/~peturk/


Robert Cook, Ph.D., prófessor

Tel: 525 4029 -- Fax 525 4242 -- rcook@hi.is

Research interests: Anglo-Saxon, medieval studies, 17th c. Poetry, Keats & Wordsworth, Afro-American literature


Sessional Instructors 2001-2002

Birna Arnbjörnsdóttir, Ph.D.


Research interests: Second language acquisition, especially critical period issues. I am also conducting a study on the relationship between theory and practice in foreign language teaching.


Eva Heisler, M.A., Ph.D. candidate


Research interests: Nineteenth and twentieth century American and British literature; literary theory; contemporary art theory; word and image studies. Primary research interest is the intersection of the American visual and literary arts in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Dissertation-in-progress is focused on a series of Emily Dickinson-based sculptures by the United States sculptor, Roni Horn.


Fríða Björk Ingvarsdóttir, M.A


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Pétur Knútsson, 4 August 2001