Páll Jakobsson, Professor, Centre for Astrophysics and Cosmology, University of Iceland


Beer & Kids: The Cause of and Solution to all of Life's Problems

Barring some unforseen incident, this will be the final resting place of this website. Contact info can be found in the header and footer (sorry, not clickable or copyable email to deter spammers). I really don't have much to say, kids have taken over my life (Jakob Felix and Andrea Arna above) although I try to remain a nerd. And of course there is the pilot and a few wannabe footballers: Lubbi Snigger (#1 on the list), Mundi Brix (soon to be a drug-PhD) and Rauða Ljónið (a bit ginger). In my spare/work time I have some astrophysical obligations, torrent interests, scouser fanaticalness and a bit of Linda. Finally, although I can't really afford it, high-tech is something I read about daily, with this piece of news a brilliant amalgam of HDTV, beauty and football. And there are some photos and gamma-ray bursts on the left. And then there was this.