Ragnar Arnason, August 1999

1. General Information

Date of Birth: February 6, 1949

Nationality: Icelandic

Current Position: Professor, University of Iceland, Department of Economics

Work Address: Department of Economics,
University of Iceland,
101 Reykjavik,
Telephone: (354)-525-4539/4300
Telefax: (354)-552-6806
Electronic mail: RAGNARA@RHI.HI.IS

Home Address: Hrolfsskalavor 10
170 Seltjarnarnes,
Telephone: (354)-561-8854

2. Education Record

1974: Cand. Oecon, (Econ.) University of Iceland.

1974: B.A. (Political Science), University of Iceland.

1975: M.Sc. (Economics), London School of Economics.

1977: M.Sc. (Econometrics), London School of Economics.

1984: Ph.D. (Econ.), University of British Columbia
Thesis title: "Efficient Harvesting of Fish Stocks: The Case of the Icelandic Demersal Fisheries".
Principal advisors: Professors P.A. Neher, G.R. Munro and R.S. Uhler.

3. Employment Record

Since 1989: Professor of fisheries economics, University of Iceland.
1986-1989: Dosent (Associate Professor) in economics, University of Iceland.
1980-1986: Lektor (Assistant Professor) in economics, University of Iceland.
1979-1980: Research Fellow, Applied Mathematics, Science Institute, University of Iceland.
1977-1980: Research and Teaching Assistant, University of British Columbia.
1974-1977: Economist, National Economic Institute, Iceland.

4. Academic Visits

1. Visiting Scholar, Institute of Fisheries Economics, Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen, Norway.
February 1987 - July 1987.
2. Visiting Associate Professor, University of British Columbia, Department of Economics, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
July 1989 - June 1990
3. Visiting Scientist
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - FAO
Rome, Italy
October 2000-December 2000

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