Snæbjörn Pálsson


Curriculum Vitae

Snæbjörn Pálsson
Professor in population biology, University of Iceland
Born 07.10.1963, Reykjavík, Iceland.

Uppsala University, Department of Conservation Biology and Genetics (PhD) 1994 -1999.
State University of New York at Stony Brook, Department of Ecology and Evolution (MA) 1990 -1992.
University of Iceland, Biology (BS) 1985 -1988.
Menntaskólinn við Sund, "student exam", physics line 1983.


Research at the University of Iceland 2005 - 2015: Evolution and population genetics of various species, including hybridization in gulls, mitochondrial variation in Arctic gadoids, and groundwater amphipods. Detection of signatures of natural selection in the human genome.

Visiting scientist at the Dept. of Plant Ecology and Evolution, Uppsala University, spring 2014. Department of Ecology and Systematics, University of Helsinki, and the Unit of Evolutionary Biology/ Systematic Zoology, University of Potsdam fall 2007 and at Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology, program in Immunology, Uppsala University, fall 2002

Research Scientist at the University of Iceland 2002 - 2004, Financed by a Grant from the Icelandic Research Council.

Research Scientist at Decode Genetics, Dept. of statistics, Iceland. August 2000 - January 2002.

Research Scientist at Uppsala University 1999 – 2000, financed by a grant from the Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Nilson Ehle foundation.

Researcher at Holar, Agricultural College, summer of 1994

Prof. Einar Árnasons laboratory of Evolutionary Biology and Population Genetics, Institute of Biology, University of Iceland: summers of '86, '87, '88, '90, and '91, and 1992 - 1994.

Prof. Gudmundur Eggertssons laboratory of Genetics, Inst. of Biology, University of Iceland: 1989.

International collaboration/networks:

Madfish (Molecular Adaptation in fish, supported by NorFa) TUNU-MAFIG (Research on the marine fauna of the North-eastern Greenland.) Participated in a research expedition (TUNU-1) to NE-Greenland, Okt. 2003. A project on ecophysiology and genetics of polar fish. Supported by NARP (Nordic Arctic Research Program). Nordic network on social insects.

Participated in a nordic group to review genetics of commercially exploited species in the Nordic countries.

COST-action DNagua-net 2016-


University of Iceland 2002-2017. Lecturer in Biometry I, Biometry II, Evolutionary Biology, Models and Data in Biology, Comparative Genomics.

Lecturing at The United Nations University Fisheries Training Programme in Iceland 2006.

Supervisor for a MS-student at Uppsala University (2003).

Core Teacher at the Arctic Biology 2002, DIS summer program in Iceland (Denmarks International Study Program in partnership with the University of Iceland).

Core Teacher at the Arctic Biology 2004-2005, A study abroad program by University of Minnesota in partnership with the University of Iceland).

Uppsala University, 1994 -2000. TA in Pop. Genetics, and in Pop. Biology.

University of Iceland, 1986-1990, 1992-1994. Teaching assistance, mainly in Biometry, and Evolutionary Biology.

SUNY Stony Brook, 1990 -1991.

Graduated: PhD students (6), MSc students (3)

Opponent of thesis

Masters thesis at University of Iceland: statistics (1), biological anthropology (4), medical sciences (2), University of Akureyri: biology (1), Agricultural University of Iceland Hvanneyri (1).

PhD defense: Agricultural University of Iceland Hvanneyri (1), Unversity of Barcelona (1)

Referee for the following

Aquatic Botany, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, BMC Evolutionary Biology, Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Current Genetics, Current Zoology, Conservation Genetics, eLife, Environmental Biology of Fishes, Heredity, Hydrobiologia, Ibis, ICES Journal of Marine Science, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Journal of Animal Ecology, Journal of Avian Biology, Journal of Theoretical Biology, Marine and Freshwater Research, Molecular Ecology, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, Northwestern Naturalist, Plos One, Polar Biology, Proceedings of the Royal Society, RMBO Revista de Biología Marina y Oceanografía, SpringerPlus, Zootaxa, Náttúrufræðingurinn, Icelandic Research Counsil, University of Iceland Research fund, Sixth EU framework, European Science Foundation, Arctic Integrated Ecosystem Research Program of the North Pacific Research Board, Slovenian Research Agency.


Scandinavian American foundation 1990, Nilsson-Ehle 1997; 1999, Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences 1999, Icelandic Research Council 2000, Icelandic Research Council: 2002-2004, 2005-2007, 2008-2010, 2012-2014 2013-, 2014-, 2015-. University of Iceland research fund 2006-2013. Náttúruverndarsjóður Pálma Jónssonar 2010,2011, Frumkvöðlasjóður Íslandsbanka 2013.


Academic director in Biology, UI 2012-2013, 2015-
Member of the expert panel of The Icelandic Centre for Research (2014), chair 2015.
Member of the expert panel of Icelandic Student Innovation Fund (2011-2012).
Member of the expert panel of Engineering and Natural Sciences, University of Iceland Research Fund (2011-2013).
Chair of the Icelandic Biology Association 2009-2013.
Chair of the Science committee, Faculty of Sciences, University of Iceland 2007-2008.
In the board of the nordic phylogenetic network 1992-1994.
Chair of Haxi, association of biology students, University of Iceland 1987.
In the board of the student union at University of Iceland 1986-1987.
Worked in refugee camps of The World Relief organization, in La Mosquitia, Honduras 1984.
Voluntary work with Las Brigadas medicas de Honduras 1983