Tools for Java Welcome!

About Tools

You use the Microsoft SDK for Java tools to compile, run, and test Java programs and applets. This section provides a quick reference for command-line options of each of the tools, and articles that provide more information on using them.

Quick reference information is provided for the following tools:
AppletViewer Runs Java applets.
ClassVue Displays compiled classes at the bytecode level.
Guidgen Generates globally unique identifiers (GUIDs).
Msjavah Generates C language header files for Java classes.
Javareg Registers a Java class as implementing a COM interface.
Javatlb Converts type libraries to Java classes.
Jexegen Converts Java classes into native executables.
Jvc Creates Java programs and applets by compiling Java source code.
Jview Runs Java applications from the command line.
Wjview Runs Java Frame applications that create a frame window in a separate process.
Cabarc Handles the archiving of multiple files in a compressed format.

The following articles provide more information about the SDK for Java tools.

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