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Spring semester 2003

Old exam example. Please note that the study material for this year has changed drastically. Good luck for studying, see you at 13:30 - 16:30 on the 7th of May. Stefßn

Links to useful websites related to the course. Click here.

You know you┤re Icleandic when... Click here.

Icelandic weather is something else... Click here.

The difference between "tourism" and "travelling". Click here.

The Charter of Sustainable Tourism (1995). Click here.

Basic history of tourism in Iceland. Click here.

Course programme 2003 includes lecture schedule, lecture content and assignments. Course programme schematic layout. Course reader is available at the University Copy Shop on Su­urgata. The shop is on the corner of Su­urgata and Fßlkagata. Their telephone number is 552 2435 if you like to call first and order. The course reader costs 2.900 Ikr. The course reader  index.

Student list including e-mail addresses,  phone numbers and assignment groups - click here.

Book/article group presentation assignment. For assessment criteria - click here.


Lecture 1.  Introduction to the course

Lecture 2.  Introduction to tourism in Iceland. Powerpoint presentation by Stefan Valsson - click here.  

Lecture 3. Sustainable tourism diagram - click here. Sustainable Eco-tourism diagram - click here. Ideologies of sustainable development, sustainable tourism and eco-tourism. Powerpoint presentation by Stefan Valsson - click here.

Lecture 4.  Nature as a resource for tourism. Powerpoint presentation by Stefan Valsson - click here.

Lecture 5. Nature protection; history, policy and planning and national parks. Powerpoint presentation by Stefan Valsson - click here. Land and Nature Protection. Powerpoint presentation by A. Katrin and Claire - click here.

Lecture 6. Landscapes and outdoor activity. ElÝn Vignisdˇttir. Powerpoint presentation - click here.

Lecture 7. The Economic Importance of Nature. Agriculture, natural resources and societal change. Stefßn GÝslasson (Local Agenda 21). Powerpoint presentation - click here.

Lecture 8. The principle and direction of sustainable tourism development, recreational carrying capacity, planning a framework of whale watching. Bin-Min Sung. Professor, Institute of Tourism & Recreation Management, National Dong Hwa University in Taiwan. No notes from Bin-Min.

Short class assignment - click here.

Lecture 9. Laws about nature protection and the function of the Icelandic Nature Conservation Agency. Gu­rÝ­ur Ůorvar­ardˇttir. Will be held 10. April!!!

Lecture 10. Environmental Evaluation and Tourism. ١roddur F. ١roddsson from the Icelandic Planning Department. Powerpoint presentation - click here.

Lecture 11. National Parks and Reserves as Tourist Destinations. Powerpoint presentation by Stefan Valsson - click here.

Gabriel N Wetangula & Joseph Ajayi. Powerplant development and nature conservation. Powerpoint presentation - click here.

Pictures of National parks and Reserves - click here.

PAN Parks in Europe. Powerpoint presentation - click here.

Comparison of four national parks in four different countries. Anne, Joost, Mathilde and Estanisla. Class presentation 3. April 2003. Powerpoint presentation - click here.

Lecture 12. Case Study from the Icelandic Highlands (Fjallabak/Lˇns÷rŠfi) The Nature Tourist Typology: Types of tourists, their expectations and requirements. Gunn■ˇra Ëlafsdˇttir, Geographer.  Powerpoint presentation - click here

The establishment of Vatnaj÷kull national park: qualitative research among the local inhabitants on their expectations and reservations regarding the establishment of VNP. Edda Ruth HlÝn Wage. Powerpoint presentation - click here.

Lecture 13. Rural Tourism. Stefan Valsson. Powerpoint presentation - click here

(Please remember to hand in assignment #2 - due 10. April)


 To view programme - click here

1. Our accommodation is at Snjˇfell at Arnarstapi. For information about the place - click here.

2. BrekkubŠr Guest House and Hellnar, SnŠfellsnes Peninsula  - click here

2. DritvÝk Bay on SnŠfellsnes Peninsula - click here.

3. Someone┤s diary from a trip to SnŠfellnes Peninsula - click here.

4. Welcome to SnŠfellsbŠr District  - click here.

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