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Hér eru nokkrir nytsamlegir tenglar fyrir námskeiðið Ferðamennska og umhverfi

Here are some useful links related to the course Nature Based Tourism

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Vital Information for foreign students about University administration

Australian Bureau of Tourism Research provides a wide range of statistics on domestic and international tourism, manly free. Links to related sites.

Books on tourism related subjects - Ashgate - Routledge - Wiley and Sons - Amazon

Bicycle Association of Iceland Icelandic/English/German

British Tourism Authority - gives a range of information on BTA including history of organization, policy statements, and plans, also provides links to other tourism sites.

Icelandic Tourist Board The official website inIcelandic/English/German/Spanish/French/Danish

Iceland visitor information Iceland Naturally website in English

Iceland Reykjavik visitor information The City of Reykjavik website in English

Icelandair USA and Canada website in English

Leifur Eiríksson home page in English/Icelandic about the first European in America.

Náttúruverndarsamtök Íslands  /  Frjáls félagasamtök áhugafólks um náttúruvernd á Íslandi. Samtökin voru formlega stofnuð þann 29. maí 1997 og er ætlað að vera málsvari þeirra sem láta sig náttúruvernd og umhverfismál miklu skipta.

Iceland Nature Conservation Association / NGO Association dedicated to the conservation and preservation of Icelandic nature.

  Northern Perifery Programme - European Union & Iceland

OECD - Organisatization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Wide ranging site offering information, statistics on development, labour markets, sustainability and trade. Provides links to national tourism organizations and statistics for member states.

Pictures from Iceland taken by two Finish tourists, Tero and Anssi 2002.

Reykjavik Excursions Day tour company that operates daytours from Reykjavik.

Skálholt Information about archeological escavation site. Upplýsingar um fornleifauppgröft. 

TUI Tour Operator - environmental policy. English and German

TUI Tour Operator - sustainable hotel development ´Grecotel´. English and German. 

  Tourist Guide Association of Iceland 

Tourism Concern - an English organization promotes ecological tourism around the world. Check out the magazine, educational programs, and boycott information. http://www.tourismconcern.org.uk

SAF - Samtök ferðaþjónustunnar Heimasíða Also in English

SAF - Samtök ferðaþjónustunnar Umhverfisstefna 2005

STARUK (Statistics on Tourism Research) Main official site for tourism research. Liason group of the UK. Gives a wide range of free statistics and publication lists.

Sustainable Tourism - various information from the World Tourism Organisation on sustainability and eco-tourism

Sustainable Tourism in Scotland - Tourism and the Environment. Sustaining Scotlands Natural Advantage. Very good site with visitor attitude surveys.

Sustainable tourism: Investigative journalism Dr. Basil Springer

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) - Sustainable development and search engines, sustainable tourism and more.

Vísindarit af ýmsu tagi. (Only in Icelandic)

Visit Europe - links to tourist boards of European countries

Whale watching from Stykkishólmur

Whale wathcing from Húsavík

World Tourism Organisation Gives access to WTO general information centre

World Tourism Organisation Gives access to online statistical information

World Travel and Tourism Council - commercial pressure group for tourism and travel. Their role is to work with governments to realize the full economic impacts of tourism.

The Challenge of Ecotourism: A call for Higher Standards. Article.  Copyright (c) 1999-2001 by John N. Shores.

Mountain Forum Calendar- Introduction to "Ecotourism in Mountain Areas - a Challenge to Sustainable Development" Salzburg, Austria 12-15 September 2001. 


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Special Eco-sites

Belize online: Some eco-projects

Ecotourism Special focus on Australia

Ecotourism and other nature based issues. Useful search engines and articles.

Ecotourism - The World Ecotourism Summit Québec, Canada — May 19 to 22, 2002

Eco-label Blue Flag for coastal management. Website in English, Spanish, German and French.

Eco-label Green Globe 21 - Environmental Eco-label for the tourism industry

Eco-terrorism - find out what it means and how far nature conservationists are willing to go to save nature.

Ecotourism Ethics Special focus on Equador, Galapagos, Andes Mountains

Eco-Voyager - tour operator

Eco-Club - International travel club that markets ecotourism all over the world

NRDC - Natural Resources Defence Council "The Earth´s best defence". American based - useful information about various nature and environmental issues. Has a good search engine

Third World Tourism Ethics, Code Of Ethics For Tourists and The American Society of Travel Agents Ten Commandments On Eco-Tourism

United States National Parks Conservation Association - search engine and various information

Hydrogen Economy Jeremy Rifkin, Emagazine.com

Hydrogen Economy New Energy, English website from Iceland

Environlink - a US based environmental site with various information

Volcano ecotourism in Reunion - in French - includes many pictures of interest

WWF World Wildlife Fund - Arctic Programme

WWF World Wildlife Fund - Global home page with links to all others around the world+

Africa  "High hopes at launch of Africa's largest game park" Article in the World Environmentla News 

South African national parks conservation policy


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