Steinn Gudmundsson
Professor in the Department of Computer Science

Research interests
Optimization in systems biology, metabolic engineering, machine learning, medical applications of pattern recognition

2020 Machine learning, Software Development A, Computer Science Seminar for Undergraduates
2019 Machine learning, Discrete structures in mathematics
2018 Machine learning, Mathematics and scientific computing, Introduction to systems biology
2017 Algorithms, logic and complexity, Introduction to systems biology, Nonlinear optimization (part)
2016 Algorithms, logic and complexity, Introduction to systems biology, Formal languages and computability, Optimization in systems biology
2015 Algorithms, logic and complexity, Introduction to systems biology, Formal languages and computability
2014 Discrete structures in mathematics
2013 Software development, Discrete structures in mathematics
2012 Discrete structures in mathematics, Nonlinear optimization, Software development
2011 Discrete structures in mathematics, Nonlinear optimization, Software development, Optimization in systems biology
2010 Operations research, Reliability of systems, Engineering optimization (part)

2010 PhD in Computer Science, University of Iceland
1998 MSc in Engineering, Technical University of Denmark
1996 CSc in Mechanical Engineering, University of Iceland

Thordis Kristjansdottir, Emanuel YC Ron, Daniel Molins-Delgado, Olafur H Fridjonsson, Charlotta Turner, Snaedis H Bjornsdottir, Steinn Gudmundsson, Ed WJ van Niel, Eva Nordberg Karlsson, Gudmundur O Hreggvidsson. Engineering the carotenoid biosynthetic pathway in Rhodothermus marinus for lycopene production. Metabolic Engineering Communications, 2020. (open access)

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Weiqi Fu, Steinn Gudmundsson, Kristine Wichuk, Sirus Palsson, Bernhard O. Palsson, Kourosh Salehi-Ashtiani, Sigurdur Brynjolfsson. Sugar-stimulated CO2 sequestration by the green microalga Chlorella vulgaris. Science of the Total Environment, 654:275–283, 2019. (pdf, supporting material)

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