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Curriculum vitae and publications

Þorbjörn Broddason, born in Reykjavík, Iceland, January 30, 1943

Academic studies:
University of Edinburgh (B.Sc.(Soc.Sc.)(1967))
University of Lund, (M.S.Sc. (1970))
University of Lund, (fil.dr. (1996))
Current position:
Professor of Sociology, University of Iceland.
Previous position:
Professor of Media and Communications, School of Education and Communication, Jönköping University (1996-1998).
Teaching and research interests:
Mass Communication Theory.
Children and Television.
Sociology of the professions and professionalism among mass communicators.
Current research project:
Children and Television in Iceland 1968-1997.
Other academic activities:
Visiting Scholar, Department of Telecommunication, Michigan State University, 1989.
Visiting Scholar, Department of Sociology, University of Lund, 1993, and 1994-1996.
Honorary Fellow, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Fall 1998.
Some publications in English:

2000: "The Radio and Television System in Iceland." Radio and Television Systems in Europe. 2000/2001 Edition. Edited by the Hans Bredow-Institute for Radio and Television, Hamburg (221-226)

2000: "Performance of Public and Private Television in Iceland 1993-1999." Nordicom Review, 21(1) 101-142) (co-authors: Ragnar Karlsson, Hilmar Thor Bjarnason and Margrét Lilja Gudmundsdottir).

1999: “A Wasted Miracle? Literacy and the New Media” in Christa Lykke Christensen (ed.) Børn, unge og medier. Göteborg: Nordicom (175-191).

1998: "Iceland" in Josef Trappel (ed.) Balance between Rights and Obligations and Financial Resources of Public and Private Television. Study for the European Commission and ESA. Final Report. Köln: Prognos (137-184) (co-authors: Hilmar Thor Bjarnason, Ragnar Karlsson and Margrét Lilja Gudmundsdottir).

1997: "Mass Media in Iceland" (with Hilmar Thor Bjarnason). Media Trends 1997 in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.Göteborg: Nordicom, Göteborg University (55-66).
1996: Television in Time: Research Images and Empirical Findings Lund: Lund University Press.
1996: ""Favourite Country": The Development of Preferences Among Icelandic Youth 1968-1991" Journal of Behavoral and Social Sciences 1996(1):179-208.
1996: "Icelandic Television: The Demise of Mediaeval Pretensions," in Francesco Bono and Ib Bondebjerg (eds.) Television in Scandinavia: History, Politics and Aesthetics. London: John Libbey (pp. 70-90).
1995: The Image of Television: The Development of Three Research Perspectives. Lund Research Papers in Media and Communication Studies. Report No. 14 (53 pp).
1994: "The Sacred Side of Professional Journalism" ." European Journal of Communication, 9(3): 227-248.
1994: "Teaching in the Age of the Communications Revolution." Educational Media International 31(1): 9-15.
1991: "Icelandic Youth, Television and the Outside World." Educational Media International 28(3): 157-161.
1987: "News Diffusion of the Palme Assassination among Journalists in Iceland, Israel and the US." With Akiba A. Cohen, Walter Gantz and Bradley S. Greenberg. European Journal of Communication, 2(2): 211-226.
1987: "News Diffusion after the Assassination of a Neighbour." With Gustav Haraldsen, Elías Hédinsson, M. L. Kalkkinen and Erik Nordahl Svendsen. European Journal of Communication, 2(2): 171-184.

Publication in French:

"Système de radio et Télévision en Islande."   Systèmes de radio et télévision en Europe Edition 2000/2001. Sous la direction scientifique de l'Institut Hans Bredow de la radio et télévision, Hambourg (233-239)

Publication in German:

"Das Rundfunksystem Islands." Internationales Handbuch für Hörfunk und Fernsehen 2000/2001. Baden-Baden: Hans-Bredow Institut /Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft (407-413).

Official committees and related activities:

Member of the steering committee of the Nordic Documentation Centre for Mass Communication Research (Nordicom) 1979-1996. Appointed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.
Chairman of the Icelandic Broadcasting Concessions Committee 1990-1993. Appointed by the Icelandic Parliament.
Chairman of a committee to prepare a media studies programme at several educational levels 1990. Appointed by the Minister of Culture and Education.
Member of the Nordic Consultative Committee on Cultural Cooperation (RKK) 1972-1984. Appointed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.
Chairman of a committee to do a feasibility study of journalism studies at the University of Iceland 1974. Appointed by the Minister of Culture and Education.
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