Papers from the Conference


ANE OHRVIK "Stjernegutter" - The Star Boys Tradition of Norway




CHRISTINE EIKE Disguise as ritualised humour in Norway. Past and Present.


EMILY LYLE "Galoshins": the Scottish Death-and-Revival Play Performed by Boys at Yule or Halloween


EVA KNUTS Mock Brides, Hen Parties and Weddings: Changes in Time and Space


FREDRIK SKOTT Easter Witches in Sweden


HANNE PICO-LARSEN Mask-talk: The Talking Masks on?


JACK SANTINO Tradition, Genre and Mumming in North America: Some Preliminary Thoughts


KRISTIN EINARSD”TTIR Ash Bags in the Country, Costumes in Town


MARI KULMANEN Changes in the St. Knut's Day Mumming in Kustavi, Finland


MARIS LEPONIEMI The Mumming Game: The St. Knut's Day Mummers in Kustavi, Finland


SIV EKSTR÷M Tjugondag Knut Mumming on the Ōand Islands, Past and Present: A General Survey


TERRY GUNNELL Carnival in the Classroom: Icelandic Pre-Graduation Guising Traditions at Gymnasium Level


LO TEDRE Animal Masking in Estonian Mumming


URPO VENTO "Oven Breakers": Men's Ritual Visits during the Season of Hallowmas and Christmas in Finnish-Karelian Communities


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