Anisotropy of ice

Ice has an extremely strong plastic anisotropy, which has a strong influence on the deformation.  A model developed by Throstur of fabric evolution, "Devo", includes: measures of dislocation density, dynamic recrystallization, and more.

Plastic Anisotropy


Elastic Anisotropy

Measuring and displaying fabric


  • Strain rate enhancement at Dye 3, Greenland
    by Ůr÷stur Ůorsteinsson, E.D. Waddington, K.C. Taylor, R.B. Alley, D.D. Blankenship
    (HTML | PDF), paper published in Journal of Glaciology, Vol. 45, No. 150, p. 338-345, 1999.


  • Proposition defense, qualifying exam
    In fall 1996 I had my qual, in which I dealt with anisotropy of ice. The presentation, overheads, I used are here: PRESENTATION.
  • Can we explain flow enhancement at Dye 3 with Anisotropy. A talk that I gave at the North West Glaciology Meeting, in Vancouver B.C., 24-25 October 1996.
  • The Role of Anisotropy and Impurities in Deformation of the Dye3 borehole.  Talk given at the EISMINT Workshop on Ice Rheology at Grindelwald, Switzerland, 26-30 September 1997.
  • Throstur Thorsteinsson and Edwin D. Waddington.  Folding in strongly anisotropic media.  IGS symposium:  Ice Cores and Climate, Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, 17-23 August 2001 (talk).

Meetings / Workshops


Stefnuhneig­ Ýss

LÝkan af ■rˇun stefnuhneig­ar, "Devo", inniheldur me­al annars: lÝkanreikninga ß ■Úttleika ferilveilna, umkrist÷llun, og fleira.




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