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Professor, Environment and Natural Resources & Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland


Mýraeldar 2006 

Pollution, climate change and other changes in the environment are all of great interest.

Wildfires. Particulate matter pollution.

Climate / Glaciology

The WAIS ice streams

Studies of water at the base and sliding, ice streams, Mýrdalsjökul, jökulhlaup, and more.

Anisotropy of ice

Single crystal velocity gradient in uniaxial compression, deformation by basal sliding only

Ice has an extremely strong plastic anisotropy, which has a strong influence on the deformation.

Physics of the Earth

 Surtsey interior based on gravity modeling

Anisotropy in the mantle.  Model of the interior of Surtsey.


Peer reviewed papers
Other publications
Parts of my Thesis

Courses taught


Besides the blogs ...

Map of particulate matter levels, associated health risks and advice on reaction to PM10 .

Map of how to prevent starting a wildfire .


Here I post news and information about my research and interesting news:
EnvNatRes.wordpress.com (in English)
ThrosturTh.wordpress.com (á íslensku)
Earth Science and  Jarðvísindi (migrating to the wordpress blogs, so not necessarly updated, but has older entries).


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