Summary from Curriculum Vitae

1960 Graduate from Junior College of Reykjavík.
1960-67 Studies in mathematics and physics at the Niels Bohr Institute of the University of Copenhagen, ending with the degree of cand. scient., specializing in elementary particle physics.
1967-69Research fellow at NORDITA , Copenhagen.
1969-71Research fellow at the Science Institute of the University of Iceland.
1971-89 Assistant professor and later associate professor in physics at the University of Iceland.
1973-74 Translated the book Limits to Growth to Icelandic.
1974-87 On the board of the Icelandic Science Foundation.
1977-78 A sabbatical at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA, studying philosophy and history of science.
1978-82 Chairman of the board of the Icelandic Student Loan Fund.
1979-81 Chairman of the Physical Society of Iceland.
1981- Chairman of the Terminology Committee of the Physical Society of Iceland.
1985 A small English-Icelandic dictionary of the Terminology Committee appeared in mimeograph.
1985-92 Chairman of the Committe for Teaching and Didactic of the University Senate.
1986-87 The book Cosmology in Revolution: The Worldview of Science from the Beginning until Newton., I-II appeared in Icelandic
1987- Studies of Old Norse science and related ideas.
1988 A sabbatical spring semester at the University of Gothenburg, Departments of Science Theory and Science History.
1989 Full professor at the Department of Physics of the University of Iceland with history of science as a field of study.
1993Visiting Scholar at the Arnamagnean Institute in Copenhagen, studying astronomy and philology in the Norwegian Kingıs Mirror
1994Visiting Scholar at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)