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Victor Huasheng Wang
Research Scientist &  Project Manager
Engineering and Natural Sciences - Science InstituteUniversity of Iceland
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Celebration Party for 15 years in Iceland
Christmas Party , 06/12/2004 
Posters Ravísindaþing 2004 (Conference on Science and Technology of Iceland)
VIIth International Conference on Molecular Spectroscopy,  Wroctaw - Ladek Zdrój, 11-14.09./2003
Poster for conference XVIth International Conference on Horizons in Hydrogen Bond Research , 30/08-04/09,2005, Roskilde, Denmark
Vacations  in USA, 18-28/2005
Party in Prof. Ingva home (1), (2) 03-12-2005
Christmas Party of Chemistry department, 2006,21/12
Christmas party of Chinese people, 25.12.07
Impress of  Cuba, 30.12-07.01-2007
Photos in China
(08/04-06/05/2007) :
(1) Beijing
MS ceremony for Wang Yan(25/05/07)

Stockholm, 23-28/05/2007
On ShipViking line 28-30/05/2007
Helsinki 29/05/2007
Annual NordForsk Network Meeting 30 June-2 July 2007
Annual Christmas Party of Chemistry and Biochemistry departments, 13/12/2007
 Vacations in China(02/04-03/01, 2008)
 (1) Lian Yungang     (2)Anqing 
  (3)Shanghai             (4)Beijing
Vacations in China, 2009
Vacation in USA, Orlando, 2010
Travel in USA, Los Angerles, 2011
Mom 90th birthdayParty

Prof. Song yaozu visit Iceland(6-15/10/2011)
Ph.D. Student Kristján defense, 14-10-2011

Scientific publication links:
 Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy
 Journal of Chemical Physics
Molecular Physics
 Journal of Molecular Structure
Chemical Physics Letters
Canadian Journal of  Physics
 Chemical Physics
Journal of Chemical Education
 Journal of Physical Chemistry
Journal of Chemical Education
 Chinese Journal of Lasers
 Chinese Journals of Chemistry
 Acta Physica-Chimica Sinica
 Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics
Useful Physical Parameters

Last update: 24/09/2018

Relevant Company Links:
Lambda Physik / Coherent (Excimer and Dye Lasers)
Lumonics (Hight Power CO2 and Excimer Lasers)
Continuum Lasers (Nd:YAG)
北京国科激光 GK Laser Technology
长春新产业光电技术 New Industries  Optoelectronics Technology
Exciton Inc-Laser dyes
Radiant Dyes & Accessories GmbH
Sirah Laser-Autotraker
Inrad-Laser power meter
Edwards Vacuum
 AESPump (Vacuum Industry in Denmark)
Pfeiffer Vacuum
VOCOM Vacuum
Newport, lab instruments
Gerneral Valves, nozzles
Bertan-High Power Supplies
 Heinzinger Electronic Power Supplies

Matsusada Precision Power Supplies
IPSES Power supplies
Ortec HV Power Supplies
Spectra Gases
 Íhlutir(electronic shop)
Miðbæjarradio(electronic shop)

Micro-channel plate (MCP)

Useful Links in Iceland:
  University of Iceland 
  Ministry of Education, Science and Culture
  Reykjavik City  
  Reykjavik Swimming pools 
  Efnafræði Íslandi, The Icelandic Chemical  Society
  Union FÍN
  Statistics Iceland
 Registry Iceland

Association of Chinese in Iceland
Mandatory Vehicle Inspections
Sýslumaðurinn í Reykjavík  (The Reykjavík District Commissioner)
  Flights Departures & Arrivals on Keflavik Airport 
  Iceland Review
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 Míla Live - Live Web Camera
Heilsugæslan Grafarvogi, Simi: number: 5857600, (Doctors: Gunnthórunn Gunnarsdóttir, Hafija Zogaj/ Sveinn Rúnar Sigurðsson )
Insurence: VÍS, SJÓVÁ, TM
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Research Group Members:

Ágúst Kvaran
        Victor H. Wang       
Jingming Long

PHD Students:

 Arnar Hafliðason
    Mengxu Jiang

Research Collaboration Abroad:

Institute of Electronics Structure and Laser, FORTH,         Greece

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Weather from MBL
Road Condition and weather
  Icelandic Meteorological Office

  Europe Visible from Met Office
  Eurpe Visible from West-Cheshire
 Europe IR from Met Office

  Eurpe IR from West-Cheshire
  Atlantic IR from West-Cheshire
 Atlantic Europe High Resolution
  High resolution VIS from West Cheshire
  Numerical Weather Forecast
  Dundee Satellite Receiving Station (exorcise)
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  Globe East  IR(need password)
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