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Yann Kolbeinsson

I was born in 1979, in the south of France, my mother is French and my father Icelandic. Since then I have mostly lived at Reykjavík, Iceland although I return to the Mediterranean area annually for a short break.

Started birdwatching around 1992 and bird photography in late 1995, and now use a Canon EOS 40D body, with a Canon EF lens (IS 300mm f4) and a 1.4x extender. Did some digiscoping for a while, using a Nikon Coolpix 4500 with my Leica APO Televid scope.... until the Coolpix broke! Most of my birding has taken place in Iceland & France, and I've visited some of the best birding areas in North America; California, Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Québec and more (with an ABA list of 509 species). I've visited various places in western and northern Europe where my list counts 461 species. I've also visited Kenya twice and Thailand once.

I do a bit of ringing in Iceland, and am a member of the Icelandic Rarities Committee. My life list is at 1995 species, with my favourite birds being the phalaropes and Ross's Gull. The Icelandic list is at 273.
The Icelandic Birding Pages were designed by myself, and made public in February 2002. Since the end of April 2002 nearly 245000 visits have been made on the Rare Bird News page.

Am currently a M.Sc. student in avian ecology at the University of Iceland. For any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at yannk@hi.is
- 19 July 2008

Edward Barry Rickson

I was born in 1972 in Manchester, England but have been settled in Iceland since 1997. Although generally interested in birds and wildlife as a child it wasn't until I came to live in Iceland that I began to spend more and more time looking in people's gardens and walking across seaweed-strewn beaches searching for birds. I resent being called a serious birder as I actually enjoy birding. My birding ambition is to overtake Yann on his world list and see the Black Grasswren of Western Australia, preferably at the same time. Apart from Iceland I've been birding in Australia, Singapore, Kenya, Trinidad & Tobago, the United States, Spain, Turkey, Greenland and other less excting places like the UK.

I've been birding throughout Iceland and my favourite areas are Látrabjarg, Flatey and Hornstrandir in June/July. My favourite bird here is Red Phalarope. I also have a passion for Australian birds, especially bowerbirds, fairy-wrens and logrunners, none of which are particularly common in Iceland.

I have seen 229 species in Iceland and I've virtually stopped picking up new species since having twins in 2007. My world list stands at 1394 species, the most recent addition being Grasshopper Warbler in Denmark in July 2009.

For any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at "edwardiceland AT hotmail.com"
- 4 August 2009