Birgir Hrafnkelsson, Ph.D.

Professor of Statistics

Department of Mathematics

Faculty of Physical Sciences

School of Engineering and Natural Sciences

University of Iceland

Selected publications

·       Rahpeyma, S., Halldorsson, B., Hrafnkelsson, B. and Jonsson, S. (2018) Bayesian hierarchical model for variations in earthquake peak ground acceleration within small-aperture arrays. To appear in Environmetrics.

·       Geirsson, Ó. P., Hrafnkelsson, B., Simpson, D. and Sigurdarson, H. (2018) LGM split sampler: An efficient MCMC sampling scheme for latent Gaussian models. Submitted to Statistical Science.

·       Eythorsson, D., Gardarson, S.M., Gunnarsson, A. and Hrafnkelsson (2018) Statistical summer mass balance forecast model with application to Brśarjökull Glacier, southeast Iceland. To appear in Journal of Glaciology.

·       Gopalan, G., Hrafnkelsson, B., Adalgeirsdottir, G.T., Jarosch, A.H. and Palsson, F. (2018) A Bayesian hierarchical model for glacial dynamics based on the Shallow Ice Approximation and its evaluation using analytical solutions. Submitted to Cryosphere.

·       Sigurdarson, A. N. and Hrafnkelsson, B. (2016) Bayesian prediction of monthly precipitation on a fine grid using covariates based on a regional meteorological model. Environmetrics, 27(1), 27-41.

·       Olafsdottir, T., Hrafnkelsson, B., Thorgeirsson, G. and Asgeirsdottir, T. L. (2016) The tax-free year in Iceland: A natural experiment to explore the impact of a short-term increase in labor supply on the risk of heart attacks. Journal of Health Economics, 49, 14-27.

·       Hrafnkelsson, Birgir; Oddsson, Gudmundur V.; Unnthorsson, Runar. (2016) A Method for Estimating Annual Energy Production Using Monte Carlo Wind Speed Simulation. Energies, 9(4), no. 286.

·       Geirsson, O. P., Hrafnkelsson, B. and Simpson, D. (2015) Computationally efficient spatial modeling of annual maximum 24-h precipitation on a fine grid. Environmetrics, 26(5), 339-353.

·       Ragnarsson, B. F., Oddsson, G. V., Unnthorsson, R. and Hrafnkelsson, B. (2015) Levelized cost of energy analysis of a wind power generation system at Bśrfell in Iceland. Energies, 8(9), 9464-9485.

·       Olafsdottir, T., Hrafnkelsson, B. and Asgeirsdottir, T. L. (2015) The Icelandic economic collapse, smoking, and the role of labor-market changes.  European Journal of Health Economics, 16(4), 391-405.

·       Hrafnkelsson, B., Ingimarsson, K. M., Gardarsson, S. M. and Snorrason, A. (2012) Modeling discharge rating curves with Bayesian B-splines. Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, 26(1), 1-20.

·       Hrafnkelsson, B., Morris, J. and Baladandayuthapani, V. (2012) Spatial modeling of annual minimum and maximum temperatures in Iceland. Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, 116(1-2), 43-61.


Birgir Hrafnkelsson, Ph.D.
University of Iceland

Dunahagi 5

107 Reykjavik



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