Icelandic Online PLUS

The University of Iceland distance learning course


On October 5th we will be launching Icelandic Online PLUS. This is an 8-week course which will be run through Icelandic Online with the aid of a tutor. The course is open to all those interested in Icelandic language and culture.


Icelandic Online PLUS is a distance learning course that offers learners an opportunity to work with a teacher and receive individual feedback on exercises and assignments that have been added to the existing course. All communication between students and teacher and between students will take place via the Internet through Icelandic Online.  This semester we’re offering both beginners and intermediate level:


Icelandic Online PLUS I (October 5th – November 27th)

A beginner level course focusing on basic skills, such as the structure of the language, vocabulary and pragmatics.  


Icelandic Online PLUS II (October 5th – November 27th)

An intermediate course open to all those who have basic skills in Icelandic language.

The focus is still on the structure of the language, vocabulary and pragmatics. 


Both courses will run again in February – March 2010


Registration is open till September 30th 

Price: 40.000 ISK (approx. 320$ or 220€.  Please note that the course fee will be charged in ISK and the announced prices in US$ and € might vary due to rate changes. For further information on currency please contact your bank.  You can also refer to the Central Bank of Iceland)


Registration form


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Please note that your registration is not valid until the course fee has been paid.


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