Bersi Skldtorfuson (Icelandic, ca. 1020): Poem about king lafr, stanza 2:5-8
[Skjald. A:I:276 - B:I:255]
FJRKENNT: hrboi elds hests hranna
FJRKENNT: "storm-herald of fire of horse of waves" (warrior)
elds, mun ek eigi fylgja
t, hrboa, san,
hests, at hverjum kosti,
hranna, drra manni.

mun ek eigi san at hverjum kosti fylgja t drra manni, hrboa elds hests hranna.

I will never again, under no circumstance, follow a greater leader (than this) storm-herald of fire of horse of waves.

* Found in Heimskringla [II # 47].
* Elds is an emendation. The mss. have elgs, gls.
* Grammatically, the kenning is an attribute of manni. Note how the four separate components are spliced into a sentence with fairly normal word-order.

hestr hranna = horse of waves (ship)
eldr hests hranna = fire of ship (shield)
hr elds hests hranna = storm of shield (battle)
hrboi elds hests hranna = herald of battle (warrior)