FireShepherd, a small console program that floods the nearby wireless network with packets designed to turn off FireSheep, effectively shutting down nearby FireSheep programs every 0.5 sec or so, making you and the people around you secure from most people using FireSheep.
The program kills the current version of FireSheep running nearby, but the user is still in danger of all other session hijacking mechanisms. Do not do anything over a untrusted network that you cannot share with everyone.
-Know that this is only a temporary solution to the FireSheep problem, created to give people the chance to secure themselves and the others around them from the current threat, while the security vulnerabilities revealed by FireSheep are being fixed.

Optional command line switches:
-i *IP* Ip Destination for packets, local router is recommended. (A trivial facebook server is default)
The local router can be found with the tracert command. (For example the first hit from "tracert")
-t *timeout* Timeout in ms for packet sending. About 200 is ok for a local router. (400 is default)
-h Shows this message

Note that a dot represents a packet being sent.

Download FireShepherd.exe (Win32)
Download Source code
Download Licence.txt

Note that by downloading/using you accept the terms found in licence.txt

Gunnar Atli Sigurdsson, University of Iceland, 2010
e: gas15