Gunnar Stefansson

A statistician, currently interested in cryptocurrencies and web-assisted education,
particularly applications to low-income regions of the world

Teaching material Useful links Studies and research
  • [Applied] Linear Statistical Models (STĂ 310 and 312) .
  • Grundv÷llur t÷lfrŠ­innar.
    Older teaching material
  • Bl÷ndu­ lÝk÷n (09.12.43) .
  • FiskifrŠ­i.
  • LÝnuleg algebra og t÷lfrŠ­i .
  • T÷lfrŠ­i I.
  • LÝnuleg t÷lfrŠ­ilik÷n .
  • ËlÝnuleg bestun.
  • FiskifrŠ­i II (┌relt) .
  • T÷lfrŠ­i fyrir t÷lvunarfrŠ­inema (1999).
  • LÝnuleg algebra og t÷lfrŠ­i (gamalt).

  • R links.
  • R-project homepage.
  • A well-organized intro (kick-start) to R.
  • An interactive R course.
  • A great R-page.
  • Stuff on R at the Statistics Centre.
    LaTEX links.
  • A LaTEX cookbook.
  • For finding symbols.
  • For previewing pieces of code.
  • A manual - google for lshort.pdf to find e.g. this one .
    Misc links.
  • The tutor-web.
  • Unix handbook in Icelandic.

  • Research, papers etc.
  • Publications and citations.
  • Research interests.
  • Marine multspecies models.
    Stats center, PhD studies, colloquia etc.
  • The Statistics Centre
  • Statistics Colloquium
  • Education and research in statistics at the University of Iceland
  • Stats jobs and fellowships in Iceland
  • Instructions for international students.
  • Stats jobs-general info
  • Graduate studies in statistics
    MAS: Master's degree in Applied Statistics
    MS studies in statistics
    PhD studies in statistics
    PhD studies in ecological modelling

    Get in touch: gunnar at hi dot is