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Iceland´s new constitution is not solely a local concern
In Ágúst Th. Árnason and Catherine Dupre (eds.), Icelandic Constitutional Reform: People, Processes, Politics (2010-2017), Routledge 2020 (forthcoming).
A longer version of paper in Challenge below.

   The New Icelandic Constitution: How Did It Come About? Where Is It?, Iđunn, Reykjavík, 2018.

Our new constitution is not an exclusively Icelandic concern
   Challenge, December 2016.

The anatomy of constitution making: From Denmark in 1849 to Iceland in 2017
In Gabriel Negretto (ed.), Redrafting Constitutions in Democratic Regimes, Cambridge University Press, 2020.
   Also available as CESifo Working Paper No. 6488, May 2017.

Chain of legitimacy: Constitution making in Iceland
In Elster, Gargarella, Naresh, and Rasch (eds.), Constituent Assemblies. Cambridge University Press, New York, 2018.
   Also available as CESifo Working Paper No. 6018, July 2016.

Digital tools and the derailment of Iceland´s new constitution (with Anne Meuwese)

   In Prins, Lindseth, Guisse and Cuijpers (eds.), Digital Democracy in a Globalized World, Edward Elgar, 2017.

   Available as CESifo Working Paper 5997, July 2016. 


Constitution on ice, unabridged version, 2015

    CESifo Working Paper No. 5056, November.


Constitution on ice, abridged version, 2016

    In Ingimundarson, Urlfalino, and Erlingsdóttir (eds.), Iceland’s Financial Crisis: The Politics of Blame, Protest, and Reconstruction, Routledge, June.


From collapse to constitution: The case of Iceland, 2013

    In Paganetto (ed.), Public Debt, Global Governance and Economic Dynamism, Springer.


Constitutions: Financial crisis can lead to change, 2012

    Challenge, September-October.


Iceland: Direct democracy in action, 2012

   OpenDemocracy, 12 November.

Iceland´s ongoing constitutional fight
   Verfassungsblog, 29 November 2018.

Democracy must prevail, always
Social Europe, 22 June 2017.

Democracy under stress
   Social Europe, 29 May 2017.

Spineless social democracy
   Social Europe, 5 April 2017.

Our new constitution is not an exclusively Icelandic concern
For a conference on constitutional reform at the University of Akureyri in Iceland 23-24 September 2016. Longer version appeared in Challenge, December 2016.

Iceland’s citizen constitution: the window remains wide open
   VerfBlog, 2016/4/06, For a slightly longer version of the text, see here.



From constitutional reform to fortified democracy

   VoxEU, 16 April 2015. 


Democracy on ice

   OpenDemocracy, 19 June 2013.  


Democracy on ice, London School of Economics 2013. 


Putsch: Iceland‘s crowd-sourced constitution killed by parliament 2013.


Constitution making in action: The case of Iceland

   VoxEU, 1 November 2012.  


Finance and constitutions

   VoxEU, 11 April 2012. 


Crowds and constitutions: Insights from Iceland

   VoxEU, 13 October 2011.


From crisis to constitution: Insights from Iceland
, 11 October 2011.