Thorvaldur Gylfason

Papers on natural resources

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Shorter pieces

From natural resources to human rights, in Prosperity through Trade and Structural Reform, edited by Ems and Gylfason, Dialogos, 2018

Political economy, Mr. Churchill, and natural resources, in Mineral Economics, 2018

From double diversification to efficiency and growth, in Comparative Economic Studies, 2017

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From economic diversification to growth (in Rabah Arezki, Raouf Boucekkine, Jeffrey Frankel, Mohammed Laksaci, and Rick van der Ploeg (eds.), Rethinking the Macroeconomics of Resource-Rich Countries, CEPR/VOXEU.
Double diversification with an application to Iceland (with Per Magnus Wijkman) in Economic Diversification Policies in Natural Resource Rich Economies, edited by Mahroum and Al-Saleh, Routledge, 2016 Double diversification (with Per Magnus Wijkman), VoxEU, 2017
The Dutch disease in reverse: Iceland’s natural experiment (with Gylfi Zoega), 2014; revision available as CESifo Working Paper No. 6513, June 2017; forthcoming in Luigi Paganetto (ed.), Getting Globalization Right: Sustainability and Inclusive Growth in the post Brexit Age, Springer, 2018 Dutch disease (New Palgrave Dictionary Online), 2008
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How to rescue Europe’s dwindling fish stocks, VoxEU, 2008

The international economics of natural resources and growth, Minerals and Energy, 2007


Natural resources and economic growth: The role of investment (with Gylfi Zoega), World Economy, 2006


Institutions, human capital, and diversification of rentier economies, 2006

The road from agriculture (with Gylfi Zoega)  
Natural resources and economic growth: From dependence to diversification, 2006  
Icelandic fisheries management: Fees vs. quotas (with Martin Weitzman), 2003  
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