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Feminine nouns

The majority of feminine nouns follow one of those two patterns
All feminine word forms (adjectives, pronouns, nouns) have the same form in nominative and accusative plural.

Strong declension

Beware of the umlaut in the first three cases of the singular. The u is long gone but the mutation remains.
Indefinite Definite
Nom sk skin
Acc sk skina
Dat sk skinni
Gen sakar sakarinnar
Indefinite Definite
Nom sakar sakarnar
Acc sakar sakarnar
Dat skum skunum
Gen saka sakanna

Weak declension

As in the other weak declensions the oblique cases in the singular are all the same.
Indefinite Definite
Nom tunga tungan
Acc tungu tunguna
Dat tungu tungunni
Gen tungu tungunnar
Indefinite Definite
Nom tungur tungurnar
Acc tungur tungurnar
Dat tungum tungunum
Gen tungna tungnanna