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Masculine nouns

The great majority of masculine nouns follow one of those three paradigms.

Strong declension

The strong masculine declension is the one with the greatest amount of variation in the declension. Learn it well.
Indefinite Definite
Nom álfr álfrinn
Acc álf álfinn
Dat álfi álfinum
Gen álfs álfsins
Indefinite Definite
vinr vinrinn
vin vininn
vini vininum
vinar vinarins
Indefinite Definite
Nom álfar álfarnir
Acc álfa álfana
Dat álfum álfunum
Gen álfa álfanna
Indefinite Definite
vinir vinirnir
vini vinina
vinum vinunum
vina vinanna

Weak declension

As with the other weak declensions the oblique cases in the singular are all alike!
Indefinite Definite
Nom hani haninn
Acc hana hanann
Dat hana hananum
Gen hana hanans
Indefinite Definite
Nom hanar hanarnir
Acc hana hanana
Dat hönum hönunum
Gen hana hananna