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Neuter nouns

Almost all neuter nouns follow the first of those patterns.
The weak neuter declension contains only a few words - but is included here for reasons of symmetry.
The nominative and the accusative case forms of neuter words are always the same. It doesn't matter if it's singular or plural, weak or strong, pronoun, noun or adjective - they're always the same. This is one of those common Indo-European things. You will encounter the same in Latin, German, Greek, Sanskrit etc.

Strong declension

Note the u-umlaut in the plural even though there is no u in the ending. The u disappeared in late Proto-Norse but it caused mutation in its death throes. Proto Norse *landu becomes Old Norse lnd.
Indefinite Definite
Nom land landit
Acc land landit
Dat landi landinu
Gen lands landsins
Indefinite Definite
Nom lnd lndin
Acc lnd lndin
Dat lndum lndunum
Gen landa landanna

Weak declension

As in the other weak declensions the oblique cases in the singular are all alike!
Indefinite Definite
Nom auga augat
Acc auga augat
Dat auga auganu
Gen auga augans
Indefinite Definite
Nom augu augun
Acc augu augun
Dat augum augunum
Gen augna augnanna