The history and purpose of this mailing list

The mailing list was founded to co÷rdinate a course in the Old Norse language. Originally lessons and other course materials were sent to the list. The intention of the authors was that the list should be a forum for the discussion of the lessons. One where people could ask for help, not only of the authors but also of each other. Some would even post their own solutions for the review and discussion of others. The various participants would continue at approximately the same speed and the teachers would make new material as needed.
These objectives were partially realised. In the beginning there were many working on the first lessons and some discussions on them ensued. The teachers were able (and interested) to help and everyone, I hope, had some fun.
However it quickly became apparent that people were too divergent in the time and effort they spent on the material. There was no way to define "the current status" of the course. As the initial enthusaism, of the teachers as well as the students, died down it was clear that this course could not be run as a normal scheduled course.
The teachers' focus was then directed to making a web page containing course material which would be accessible to anyone at any time. Thus the list was not used anymore to distribute course material. This has merited a redefinition of the mailing list.
I will try to summarise the purpose of the list as it currently appears to me. The following is definitely on topic.
So don't be afraid to post. The list can handle much more traffic than it has had lately.
Haukur Ůorgeirsson
Written on October 16th 2001