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The first nine lessons have been mostly completed and formatted. There are, however, some remaining problems and I am aware of a few inaccuracies and inconsistancies as my knowledge of the subject has improved considerably since their writing.
Each lesson is available in two forms; with and without colours. The coloured forms have a light background and colour-coded inflection tables. If you prefer a plain black on white look you should go for the colourless forms. Those might also be more suitable for printing.
If you design your own stylesheet and send it to me I'll gladly offer it as an option.

Unit 1

Lesson 1 with / without colours
- Introduction. Nouns and pronouns. Masculine gender. Nominative and accusative. Singular. Definite article.
Lesson 2 with / without colours
- Plural of nouns and pronouns. Conjugation of verbs.
Lesson 3 with / without colours
- Adjectives. Infinitive. Auxiliary verbs. More on the article
Lesson 4 with / without colours
- Dative. Imperative.
Lesson 5 with / without colours
- Case usage. Assimilative verbs.
Lesson 6 with / without colours
- Umlauts. Word order. Article usage. Review.

Unit 2

Lesson 7 with / without colours
- Genitive case. Reflexive pronouns. Article usage.
Lesson 8 with / without colours
- Present-preterite verbs. Assimilation. Bisyllabic stems.
Lesson 9 with / without colours
- More on declensions and their usage. Infinitives. Verbs can govern any case.

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