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Project 1 - Part A

Following is my rendering of a part of an Old Swedish runic inscription. It is not exact as regards details in shape of individual letters but I hope all its runes are recognisably the same as those of the original. The line spaces are in the same places as the original's.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to:
  1. Transliterate the runes to their standard latin letter equivalents. This should be fairly easy since the futhark of this part of the inscription is mostly "standard".
  2. Break the inscription up into words. Remember that the same letter can be a part of two words.
  3. Respell the inscription in some form of standardised Old Norse. The inscription is, of course, in Old Swedish but none of its word forms are markedly different from those of Old Icelandic.
  4. Translate the inscription into English.
Picture of runes
If the picture above fails to appear you might be using Netscape 4. It seems to be unable to view png-files. You can use another browser or you can save the picture and use some other program to view it.