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Project 2 - Part A

rymskvia is probably the most humorous of the Eddaic poems. The giant rymr steals rr's hammer and refuses to give it back unless he gets Freyja for a wife. rr dresses up like Freyja and goes to Gianthome to "marry" rymr. This strophe from the poem is near the end.
kva at rymr
ursa drttinn:
Beri inn hamar
bri at vgja,
leggi Mjllni
meyjar kn,
vgi okkr saman
Vrar hendi.
Your assignment is as follows.
  1. Translate the strophe. Don't forget the dictionary. Pay close attention to the meaning of the verb 'vgja', occurring twice.
  2. Write the first half of the strophe with "the sixteen letter alphabet of the Danish tongue"; the younger fuark.
  3. How does the story end?
If you do those warm-up exercises well you are much better prepared to tackle the next part of the project.