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Solutions to Project 2 - Part A

1. Then said rymr, lord of giants: "Carry in the hammer to hallow the bride, lay Mjllnir on the maiden's knee, hallow us together by the hand of Vr".
The verb 'vgja' means to 'hallow' or 'consecrate'. Here rymr uses it to mean 'marry'.
2. There are endlessly many ways to do it. Here's one.
Picture of runes
I used only the 'basic' letters of the fuark but of course you could add a dot to the 'tr' to have it mean specifically 'd', dot the 'rr' to mean 'y' or used a special rune for 'o' etc. I used crosses to separate words but you can use some other sign or simply not do it at all. You could add signs to mark where the inscription begins, or even where it ends. And so on and so forth. There are very many ways to do it.
3. As soon as rr gets the hammer on his knees he grabs it and bashes the heads of rymr and his extended family.