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Project 2 - Part B

In an Old English manuscript once belonging to the Christchurch of Canterbury there is something written with runes at the bottom of two pages. A part of it looks something like this. My line break represents the actual page break.
Picture of runes
In the spring of 1931, during excavations for a new school house in the Swedish town of Sigtuna, a runic amulette was discovered. It has since then been in the care of the National Museum of Sweden.
The amulette measures about 8cm x 3cm and is covered tightly on both sides with runes. Like the Kvinneby amulette (in Project 1) it has a hole in it so it can be worn around the neck. A part of the inscription reads like this. I have omitted what seem to me to be unnecessary additional strokes.
Picture of runes
Your assignment is to transliterate and translate the inscriptions.
Some additional discussion points: What do the inscriptions have in common with each other? What do they have in common with the part of Žrymskviša in part a of this project? Is a connection likely? Of what kind?