GPS time series for Reykjanes

GPS time series results for the past 100 days from GIPSY/OASIS PPP single site processing using JPL final (black data points) and ultra-rapid orbits (green data points), in the ITRF2008 reference frame. Red dot shows data collected yesterday, the images are updated on a daily basis, check date on bottom of figure and refresh page as necessary. Stations are ordred roughly from SW to NE.
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Please respect copyright of the results (IES, IMO, and HS-Orka).

Last 100 days
Last 400 days
Last 1-10 days, kinematic solutions (experimental)
Final Time series:
    Final time series
    Residual (linear signal removed) time series
    Residual (linear and seasonal signals removed) time series
    Fit of seasonal signal
Other plots:
Site voltage plots