ICCS: Icelandic Center of Computational Science, at Science Institute

Symposium on Calculations of Tunneling Rates in Complex Systems

Sunday, April. 19. 2009, in room 258 in VR-II at University of Iceland

See MAP of the University with path from Plaza hotel marked.


9:30 Hannes Jónsson, University of Iceland, 'Transition state theory and its extension to include quantum mechanical tunneling', abstract, slides.

10:30 Andri Arnaldsson, Vatnaskil and University of Iceland, 'An implementation of harmonic quantum transition state theory (instantons, ImF) using minimum mode following method', abstract.

11:30 Discussions

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Fedor Goumans, Leiden University, 'The formation of interstellar ices: a computational study', abstract.

14:00 Johannes Kaestner, University of Stuttgart, 'DL-FIND, ChemShell, and the interface to Pandora', abstract.

15:00 Anna Kimmel, University College London, 'Classical to quantum crossover of the diffusion of H on Cu(100): A first principles path integral instanton study', abstract.

16:00 Discussions and concluding remarks

18:00 Dinner

Picture from symposium dinner