G r um mannleg samskipti  (IS)
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"Tips for effective, functional teachers in social settings include:

1. Stick to the subject. Be specific, not vague.  

2. Be aware of your tone of voice and other nonverbal

    These communicate as much or more than your actual words.

3. Don't let discussion break down into nagging, arguing,
     or repetitive criticism.
    Be calm and diplomatic; show courtesy and patience.

4. Don't monopolize the conversation.

5. Show respect for the other person's feelings and dignity.
    Avoid rudeness, name-calling, and insinuations that force the other
   into  a defensive position.

6. Don't assume you're making yourself clear.
    Check to see that the other person really understands you
    by asking for a paraphrase or other sign of  understanding.

7. Be honest and direct about your ideas, your feelings, and
    your expectations,   but without being a  dictator

     (See Assertiveness)  http://www.hi.is/~joner/eaps/cs_asser.htm
    Let the other person know why you hold certain points
    of view.

8. Give your point of view as information, not as "law"
    or as the only possibility under consideration.
    Be more concerned with what will be effective in your particular
    situation, not with what is "right" or "wrong".

    See http://www.hi.is/~joner/eaps/cs_scimr.htm

9. Avoid focusing on only the negative aspects of a situation.
    Focus on giving and getting information for the purpose of problem

10. Don't attack the other person--attack the problem! "

See  http://ivc.uidaho.edu/mod/structure/continuum/locus.html

See http://successfulbusiness.com/assertiveness.htm  

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