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Refereed articles

40.- The impact of baryonic disks on the shapes and profiles of self-interacting dark matter halos
        Sameie, O., Creasey, P., Yu, H., Sales, L., Vogelsberger, M. & Zavala, J.
        2018, submitted to MNRAS, (arXiv:1801.09682)
39.- ETHOS -- an effective theory of structure formation: Predictions for the high-redshift Universe
        -- abundance of galaxies and reionization

        Lovell, M., Zavala, J. , Vogelsberger, M., Shen, X., Cyr-Racine, F., Pfrommer, C., Sigurdson, K.,
        Boylan-Kolchin, M. & Pillepich, A., 2018, submitted to MNRAS, (arXiv:1711.10497)
38.- Binary pulsars as probes of a Galactic dark matter disk
        Caputo, A., Zavala, J. & Blas, D., 2018, PDU, 19, 1, (arXiv:1709.03991)
37.- The structure and assembly history of cluster-sized haloes in self-interacting dark matter
        Brinckmann, T., Zavala, J. , Rapetti, D., Hansen, S. & Vogelsberger, M.
        2018, MNRAS, 474, 746, (arXiv:1705.00623)
36.- Galaxy formation with BECDM - I. Turbulence and relaxation of idealized haloes
        Mocz, P., Vogelsberger, M., Robles, V., Zavala, J. , Boylan-Kolchin, M., Fialkov, A. & Hernquist, Lars,
        2017, MNRAS, 471, 4559, (arXiv:1705.05845)
35.- A rumble in the dark: signatures of self-interacting dark matter in supermassive
        black hole dynamics and galaxy density profiles

        Di Cintio, A., Tremmel, M., Governato, F., Pontzen, A., Zavala, J. , Bastidas F.,
        Brooks, A. & Vogelsberger, M., 2017, MNRAS, 469, 2845, (arXiv:1701.04410)
34.- Spreading out and staying sharp - creating diverse rotation curves via
        baryonic and self-interaction effects

        Creasey, P., Sameie, O., Sales, L., Yu, H., Vogelsberger, M. & Zavala, J.
        2017, MNRAS, 468, 2283, (arXiv:1612.03903)
33.- The angular power spectrum of the diffuse gamma-ray emission as measured by the
        Fermi Large Area Telescope and constraints on its Dark Matter interpretation

        Fornasa, M., Cuoco, A., Zavala, J. , Gaskins, J., Sanchez-Conde, M., Gomez-Vargas, G.,
        Komatsu, E., Linden, T., Prada, F., Zandanel, F. & Morselli, A.,
        2016, PRD, 94, 123005, (arXiv:1608.07289)
32.- Contributions to cosmic reionization from dark matter annihilation and decay
        Liu, H., Slatyer, T. & Zavala, J. , 2016, PRD, 94, 063507 (arXiv:1604.02457)
31.- Enhanced tidal stripping of satellites in the galactic halo from dark matter self-interactions
        Dooley, G., Peter, A., Vogelsberger, M., Zavala, J. & Frebel, A.,
        2016, MNRAS, 461, 710 (arXiv:1603.08919)
30.- A merger in the dusty, z=7.5 galaxy A1689-zD1?
        Knudsen, K,, Watson, D., Frayer, D., Christensen, L., Gallazzi, A., Michalowski, M., Richard, J. &
        Zavala, J. , 2016, MNRAS, 466, 138, (arXiv:1603.03222)
29.- The link between the assembly of the inner dark matter halo and the angular momentum evolution of
        galaxies in the EAGLE simulation

        Zavala, J. , Frenk, C., Bower, R., Schaye, J., Theuns, T., Crain, R., Trayford, J.,
        Schaller, M. & Furlong, M., 2016, MNRAS, 460, 4466 (arXiv:1512.02636)
28.- ETHOS- an effective theory of structure formation: dark matter physics as a possible explanation of the
        small-scale CDM problems

        Vogelsberger, M., Zavala, J. , Cyr-Racine, F., Pfrommer, C., & Bringmann, T. & Sigurdson, K.,
        2016, MNRAS, 460, 1399 (arXiv:1512.05349)
27.- ETHOS- an effective theory of structure formation:
        From dark particle physics to the matter distribution of the Universe

        Cyr-Racine, F., Sigurdson, K., Zavala, J. , Bringmann, T., Vogelsberger, M., & Pfrommer, C.,
        2016, PRD, 93, 123527 (arXiv:1512.05344)
26.- Universal clustering of dark matter in phase space
        Zavala, J. & Afshordi N., 2016, MNRAS, 457, 986 (arXiv:1508.02713)
25.- Dwarf galaxies in CDM and SIDM with baryons: observational probes of the nature of dark matter
        Vogelsberger, M., Zavala, J, Simpson, C. and Jenkins, A., 2014, MNRAS, 444, 3684 (arXiv:1405.5216)
24.- Scattering, Damping, and Acoustic Oscillations: Simulating the Structure of Dark Matter Halos with
        Relativistic Force Carriers

        Buckley, M., Zavala, J, Cyr-Racine, F., Sigurdson, K. and Vogelsberger, M., 2014,
        PRD, 90, 043524 (arXiv:1405.2075)
23.- Galactic PeV neutrinos from dark matter annihilation
        Zavala, J, 2014, PRD, 89, 123516 (arXiv:1404.2932)
22.- Clustering in the Phase Space of Dark Matter Haloes. II. Stable Clustering and Dark Matter Annihilation
        Zavala, J and Afshordi, N., 2014, MNRAS, 441, 1329 (arXiv:1311.3296)
21.- The growth of galactic bulges through mergers in ΛCDM haloes revisited. II. Morphological mix evolution
        Avila-Reese, V., Zavala, J, Lacerna, I., 2014, MNRAS, 441, 417 arXiv:1311.3163)
20.- Dark matter cores in the Fornax and Sculptor dwarf galaxies: joining halo assembly and detailed star
        formation histories

        Amorisco, N. C., Zavala, J and de Boer, T. J. L., 2014, ApJ Letters, 782, L39 (arXiv:1309.5958)
19.- Clustering in the Phase Space of Dark Matter Haloes. I. Results from the Aquarius simulations
        Zavala, J and Afshordi, N., 2014, MNRAS, 441, 1317 (arXiv:1308.1098)
18.- Constraining Self-Interacting Dark Matter with the Milky Way's dwarf spheroidals
        Zavala, J, Vogelsberger, M. and Walker, M., 2013, MNRAS Letters, 431, L20 (arXiv:1211.6426)
17.- Direct detection of self-interacting dark matter
        Vogelsberger, M. and Zavala, J, 2013, MNRAS, 430, 1722 (arXiv:1211.1377)
16.- Characterization of Dark-Matter-induced anisotropies in the diffuse gamma-ray background
        Fornasa, M., Zavala, J, Sanchez-Conde, M.A., Siegal-Gaskins, J. M., Delahaye, T., Prada, F.,
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15.- The abundance of (not just) dark matter haloes
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14.- The growth of galactic bulges through mergers in ΛCDM haloes revisited. I. Present-day properties
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13.- Removal and mixing of the coronal gas from satellites in galaxy groups: cooling the intragoup gas
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11.- Cosmic X-ray and gamma-ray background from dark matter annihilation
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10.- Relic density and CMB constraints on dark matter annihilation with Sommerfeld enhancement
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  9.- Extragalactic gamma-ray background radiation from dark matter annihilation
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  8.- The Velocity Function in the Local Environment from ΛCDM and ΛWDM Constrained Simulations
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  7.- On the Baryonic, Stellar, and Luminous Scaling Relations of Disk Galaxies
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  4.- Constraining the mSUGRA (minimal supergravity) parameter space using the entropy of dark matter halos
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  3.- Stellar polytropes and Navarro Frenk White halo models: comparison with observations
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  1.- The luminous and dark matter content of disk galaxies
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