Ritskrá / Publications

Leó Kristjánsson
Mars 2019

Ritrýndar greinar og bókarkaflar / Reviewed papers

Leó Kristjánsson:
The paleomagnetism and geology of North-Western Iceland. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 4, 448-450, 1968. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Paleomagnetism and magnetic surveys in Iceland. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 8, 101-108, 1970. (pdf)

E.R. Deutsch, Leó Kristjánsson and B.T. May:
Remanent magnetism of Lower Tertiary lavas on Baffin Island. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 8, 1542-1552, 1971. (pdf)

I.B. Friđleifsson and Leó Kristjánsson:
The Stardalur magnetic anomaly, SW-Iceland. Jökull 22, 69-78, 1972. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
On the thickness of the magnetic crustal layer in SW-Iceland. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 16, 237-244, 1972. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson and E.R. Deutsch:
Magnetic properties of rock samples from the Baffin Bay coast. Geological Survey of Canada Paper 71-23, 545-564, 1973. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
The net magnetic moment of an assemblage of randomly oriented dipoles. Tellus 26, 300-304, 1973. (pdf)

K. Thors and Leó Kristjánsson:
Westward extension of the Snćfellsnes volcanic zone of Iceland. Journal of Geophysical Research 79, 413-415, 1974. (pdf)

E.R. Deutsch and Leó Kristjánsson:
Late Cretaceous- Early Tertiary paleomagnetism of volcanics from Disko Island, West Greenland. Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society 39, 343-360, 1974. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Geomagnetic measurements in drill holes through layered strata. Geoexploration 13, 45-55, 1975. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson and J.P. Hodych:
A simple ballistic magnetometer. American Journal of Physics 43, 465-466, 1975. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson, I. Simon, M.L. Cohen and S. Björnsson:
Ground tilt measurements during the 1973 Heimaey eruption. Journal of Geophysical Research 80, 2951-2954, 1975. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson, R. Pätzold and J. Preston:
Paleomagnetism and geology of the Patreksfjördur-Arnarfjördur area, NW-Iceland. Tectonophysics 25, 201-216, 1975. (pdf)

N.D. Watkins, Leó Kristjánsson and I. McDougall:
A detailed paleomagnetic survey of the type location for the Gilsá geomagnetic polarity event. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 27, 436-444,1975. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Marine magnetic surveys off the west coast of Iceland. Societas Scientiarum Islandica, Greinar V, 23-44, 1976. (pdf)

I. McDougall, N.D. Watkins, G.P.L. Walker and Leó Kristjánsson:
Potassium-argon and paleomagnetic analysis of Icelandic lava flows: limits on the age of Anomaly 5. Journal of Geophysical Research 81, 1505-1512,1976. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Problems in the interpretation of drill hole magnetic data. Jökull 26, 25-29, 1976. (pdf)

A. Björnsson, Leó Kristjánsson and H. Johnsen:
Some observations of the Heimaey deep drill hole during the eruption of 1973. Jökull 26, 52-58, 1976.

I. McDougall, N.D. Watkins and Leó Kristjánsson:
Geochronology and paleomagnetism of a Miocene-Pliocene lava sequence at Bessastadaá, Eastern Iceland. American Journal of Science 276, 1078-1095, 1976. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Central volcanoes on the western Icelandic shelf. Marine Geophysical Researches 2, 285-289, 1976. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
A marine magnetic survey off Southern Iceland. Marine Geophysical Researches 2,315-326,1976. (pdf)

I. McDougall, K. Sćmundsson, H. Jóhannesson, N.D. Watkins and Leó Kristjánsson:
Extension of the geomagnetic polarity time scale to 6.5 m.y.: K-Ar dating, geological and paleomagnetic study of a 3,500 m lava succession in western Iceland. Bulletin of the Geological Society of America 88, 1-15, 1977. (pdf)
Republished in: Magnetic Stratigraphy of Sediments (Benchmark Papers in Geology 54, ed. J.P. Kennett), pp. 46-60. Dowden, Hutchinson and Ross, Stroudsburg, Pa., 1980.

N.D. Watkins, I. McDougall and Leó Kristjánsson:
Upper Miocene and Pliocene geomagnetic secular variation in the Borgarfjördur area of western Iceland. Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society 49, 609-632, 1977. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson and N.D. Watkins:
Magnetic studies of basalt fragments recovered by deep drilling in Iceland, and the Magnetic Layer concept. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 34, 365-374, 1977. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson, K. Thors and H.R. Karlsson:
Confirmation of central volcanoes off the Icelandic coast. Nature 268, 325-326, 1977. (pdf)

G. Pálmason, S. Arnórsson, I.B. Fridleifsson, H. Kristmannsdóttir, K. Sćmundsson, V. Stefánsson, B. Steingrímsson, J. Tómasson and Leó Kristjánsson:
The Iceland crust: Evidence from drillhole data on structure and processes. In: Deep Drilling Results in the Atlantic Ocean: Ocean Crust. Ed. M. Talwani, C.G. Harrison and D.E. Hayes. American Geophysical Union, Maurice Ewing series 2, pp. 43-65, 1979.

Leó Kristjánsson, I.B. Friđleifsson and N.D. Watkins:
Stratigraphy and paleomagnetism of the Esja, Eyrarfjall and Akrafjall mountains, SW-Iceland. Journal of Geophysics 47, 31-42, 1980. (pdf)

K. Sćmundsson, Leó Kristjánsson, I. McDougall and N.D. Watkins:
K-Ar dating, geological and paleomagnetic study of a 5-km lava succession in Northern Iceland. Journal of Geophysical Research 85, 3628-3646 (incl. data), 1980. (pdf)

P.R. Vogt, G.L. Johnson and Leó Kristjánsson:
Morphology and magnetic anomalies north of Iceland. Journal of Geophysics 47, 67-80, 1980. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson and Á. Gudmundsson:
Geomagnetic excursion in late-glacial basalt outcrops in South-western Iceland. Geophysical Research Letters 7, 337-340, 1980. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson and I. McDougall:
Some aspects of the Tertiary geomagnetic field in Iceland. Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society 68, 273-294, 1982. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Geomagnetic polarity mapping in Icelandic lavas. Comparison with ocean-floor magnetic lineations. Earth Evolution Sciences 2, 126-129, 1982. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Paleomagnetic research in Iceland: a bibliographical review 1951-1981. Jökull 32, 91-105, 1982. (pdf)
Additions in
Jökull 34, 77-79, 1984. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Magnetic field measurements near a steel plate. European Journal of Physics 4, 48-52, 1983.

A.G. Nunns, M. Talwani, G.R. Lorentzen, P.R. Vogt, Th. Sigurgeirsson, Leó Kristjánsson, H.C. Larsen and D. Voppel:
Magnetic anomalies over Iceland and the surrounding seas. In: Structure and Development of the Greenland-Scotland Ridge: New Methods and Concepts. Eds. M.H.P. Bott, S. Saxov, M. Talwani and J. Thiede, pp. 661-678 including a map in scale 1:2,000,000. Plenum, New York 1983.

Leó Kristjánsson:
Notes on paleomagnetic sampling in Iceland. Jökull 34, 67-76, 1984.

I. McDougall, Leó Kristjánsson and K. Sćmundsson:
Magnetostratigraphy and geochronology of Northwest Iceland. Journal of Geophysical Research 89, 7029-7060 (incl. data), 1984. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Some statistical properties of palaeomagnetic directions in Icelandic lava flows. Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society 80, 57-72, 1985. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
On "The relationship between the magnitude and direction of the geomagnetic field during the late Tertiary in Eastern Iceland (N. Roberts and J. Shaw)". Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society 80, 555-559, 1985. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Magnetic and thermal effects of dike intrusions in Iceland. Journal of Geophysical Research 90, 10129-10135, 1985. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson, H. Jóhannesson, J. Eiríksson and A.I. Guđmundsson:
Brunhes-Matuyama paleomagnetism in three lava sections in Iceland. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 25, 215-225, 1988. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson and J. Helgason:
Some properties of basalt lava sequences and volcanic centres in a plate-boundary environment. In: Early Tertiary Volcanism and the Opening of the NE Atlantic, eds. A.C. Morton and L.M. Parson. Geological Society of London Special Publication 39, 147-155, 1988. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson and H. Jóhannesson:
Variable dispersion of Neogene geomagnetic field directions in Iceland. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 56, 124-132, 1989. (pdf)

F. Ţórarinsson, S.G. Magnusson, P. Einarsson, Leó Kristjánsson, G. Pálmason and A. Björnsson:
Gravity, aero-magnetism and earthquakes in Iceland. Jökull 39, 41-56, 1989.

S. Levi, H. Auđunsson, R.A. Duncan, Leó Kristjánsson, P.-Y. Gillot and S. Jakobsson:
Late Pleistocene geomagnetic excursion in Icelandic lavas: confirmation of the Laschamp excursion. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 96, 443-457, 1990.

J. Eiríksson, A.I. Guđmundsson, Leó Kristjánsson and K. Gunnarsson:
Paleomagnetism of Pliocene-Pleistocene sediments and lava flows on Tjörnes and Flatey, North Iceland. Boreas 19, 39-55, 1990. (pdf)

J.C. Sempere, Leó Kristjánsson, H. Schouten, J.R. Heirtzler and G.L. Johnson:
A detailed study of the Reykjanes Ridge between 63°00'N and 63°40'N. Marine Geophysical Researches 12, 215-234, 1990. (pdf)

Geirfinnur Jónsson, Leó Kristjánsson and Marteinn Sverrisson:
Magnetic surveys of Iceland. Tectonophysics 189, 229-247, 1991.(Abstract) (pdf)
These data were included on magnetic maps from the project: W.R. Roest, J. Verhoef and R. Macnab: Magnetic anomalies of the Arctic and North Atlantic Oceans and adjacent land areas. Geological Survey of Canada Open Files 3125a,b, 3280, 3281, 3282, 1996.

Leó Kristjánsson, Haukur Jóhannesson and Ingvar Birgir Friđleifsson:
Paleomagnetic stratigraphy of the Mosfellssveit area, SW-Iceland: a pilot study. Jökull 41, 47-60, 1993. (Abstract) (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Investigations of geomagnetic reversals in Icelandic lavas, 1953-78. Terra Nova 5, 6-12, 1993. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson and Magnús Sigurgeirsson:
The R3-N3 and R5-N5 palaeomagnetic transition zones in Iceland revisited. Journal of Geomagnetism and Geoelectricity 45, 275-288, 1993. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson, Haukur Jóhannesson and Ian McDougall:
Stratigraphy, age and paleomagnetism of Langidalur, northern Iceland. Jökull 42, 31-44, 1993. (Abstract) (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Saga hugmynda um aldur Íslands. Jökull 42, 45-64, 1993. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
New palaeomagnetic results from Icelandic Neogene lavas. Geophysical Journal International 121, 435-443, 1995. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Misvísun áttavita á Íslandi - sögulegt yfirlit (with English summary: Magnetic declination measurements in and around Iceland). Jökull 43, 45-60, 1995.

Leó Kristjánsson, Ágúst Guđmundsson and Hreinn Haraldsson:
Stratigraphy and paleomagnetism of a 3-km-thick Miocene lava pile in the Mjoifjördur area, eastern Iceland. Geologische Rundschau 84, 813-830, 1995. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson and Haukur Jóhannesson:
Stratigraphy and paleomagnetism of the lava pile south of Ísafjarđardjúp, NW-Iceland. Jökull 44, 3-16, 1996. (Abstract) (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson and Kristján P. Kristjánsson:
Amund Helland og ferđ hans til Íslands 1881 with English summary: Amund Helland and other geologists visiting Iceland in 1881). Náttúrufrćđingurinn 66, 27-33, 1996.

Leó Kristjánsson and Geirfinnur Jónsson:
Aeromagnetic results and the presence of an extinct rift zone in W-Iceland. Journal of Geodynamics 25, 99-108, 1998. (pdf)

Geirfinnur Jónsson and Leó Kristjánsson:
Magnetic surveys south and southeast of Iceland. Journal of Geodynamics 26, 45-56, 1998. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson, R.A. Duncan and Ágúst Guđmundsson:
Stratigraphy, palaeomagnetism and age of volcanics in the upper regions of Ţjórsárdalur valley, central southern Iceland. Boreas 27, 1-13, 1998. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson and Trausti Jónsson:
Alţjóđa-heimskautaárin tvö og rannsóknarstöđin viđ Snćfellsjökul 1932-33 (with English summary: The two International Polar Years and the field research station at Snćfellsjökull, W-Iceland 1932-33). Jökull 46, 35-47, 1998. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson and Haukur Jóhannesson:
Secular variation and reversals in a composite 2.5 km thick lava section in central Western Iceland. Earth, Planets and Space 51, 261-276, 1999. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
On low-latitude virtual geomagnetic poles in Icelandic basalt lava sequences. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 115, 137-145, 1999. (pdf)

E. Herrero-Bervera, G.P.L. Walker, C.G.A. Harrison, J.G. Garcia and Leó Kristjánsson:
Detailed paleomagnetic study of two volcanic polarity transitions recorded in Iceland. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 115, 119-135, 1999.

S. Udagawa, H. Kitagawa, Ágúst Guđmundsson, O. Hiroi, T. Koyaguchi, H. Tanaka, Leó Kristjánsson and M. Kono:
Age and magnetism of lavas in Jökuldalur area, Eastern Iceland: Gilsá event revisited. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 115, 147-171, 1999.

Geirfinnur Jónsson and Leó Kristjánsson:
Aeromagnetic measurements over Mýrdalsjökull and vicinity. Jökull 49, 47-58, 2000. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson and Ágúst Guđmundsson:
Paleomagnetic studies in Skarđsheiđi, South-Western Iceland. Jökull 50, 33-48, 2001. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Silfurberg: einstćđ saga kristallanna frá Helgustöđum.(With English summary: Iceland spar: the unique story of the crystals from Helgustađir). Jökull 50, 95-108, 2001.

Leó Kristjánsson:
Historical notes on earth science research in Iceland by German expeditions, 1819-1970.
In: Geschichte und Philosophie der Geophysik, IAGA IDC History Newsletter no. 42, ed. W. Schröder, pp. 138-154, 2001. (sjá Web-publications)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Estimating properties of the paleomagnetic field from Icelandic lavas. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth (Parts A/B/C) 27, 1205-1213, 2002. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Iceland spar: the Helgustadir calcite locality and its influence on the development of science. Journal of Geoscience Education 50, 419-427, 2002. (pdf)

Geirfinnur Jónsson and Leó Kristjánsson:
Ţéttriđnar segulsviđsmćlingar yfir Reykjavík (English abstract: Aeromagnetic survey over the Reykjavik area). Náttúrufrćđingurinn 71, 52-49, 2002. Full PDF-version with an English abstract

Leó Kristjánsson:
Paleomagnetic observations on Late Quaternary basalts around Reykjavik and on the Reykjanes peninsula, SW-Iceland. Jökull 52, 21-32, 2003. (Abstract) (Full PDF-version)

Leó Kristjánsson, Björn S. Harđarson and Haraldur Auđunsson:
A detailed paleomagnetic study of the oldest (ca. 15 Myr) lava sequences in Northwest Iceland. Geophysical Journal International 155, 991-1005, 2003.   (Abstract) (Full PDF-version)

Leó Kristjánsson:
A little known history of Helgustadir: Type location of Iceland spar. Matrix 11, 95-107, 2003. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson, Ágúst Guđmundsson and Björn S. Harđarson:
Stratigraphy and paleomagnetism of a 2.9 km composite lava section in Eyjafjörđur, Northern Iceland: a reconnaissance study. International Journal of Earth Sciences 93, 582-595, 2004. (Abstract) (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
A reconnaissance study of paleomagnetic directions in the Tjörnes beds, Northern Iceland. Jökull 54, 57-63, 2004. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson, Magnús T. Guđmundsson, J.L. Smellie, W.C. McIntosh and R. Esser:
Paleomagnetic, 40Ar/39Ar, and stratigraphical correlation of Miocene-Pliocene basalts in the Brandy Bay area, James Ross Island, Antarctica. Antarctic Science 17, 409-417, 2005. (Abstract)

Leó Kristjánsson and Ágúst Guđmundsson:
Stratigraphy and paleomagnetism of lava sequences in the Suđurdalur area, Fljótsdalur, Eastern Iceland.
Jökull 55, 17-32, 2005. (pdf)

H.P. Gunnlaugsson, Ö. Helgason, L. Kristjánsson, P. Nörnberg, H. Rasmussen, S. Steinţórsson and G. Weyer:
Magnetic properties of olivine basalt: application to Mars. Phys. Earth Planet. Interiors 154, 276-289, 2006.

H. Rasmussen, H.P. Gunnlaugsson, C. Tegner and Leó Kristjansson:
Magnetic properties of Martian olivine basalts studied by terrestrial analogues. Hyperfine Interactions 166, 561-566, 2005. DOI: 10.1007/s10751-006-9341-2.

Leó Kristjánsson, Ágúst Gudmundsson, Árni Hjartarson and Haraldur Hallsteinsson:
A paleomagnetic study of stratigraphic relations in the lava pile of Nordurardalur and Austurdalur, Skagafjördur, N-Iceland. Jökull 56, 37-55, 2006. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson and Geirfinnur Jónsson:
Paleomagnetism and magnetic surveys in Iceland. J. Geodynamics 43, 30-54, 2007. DOI: 10.1016/j.jog.2006.09.014.

C. Vahle, A. Kontny, H.P. Gunnlaugsson and L. Kristjánsson:
The Stardalur magnetic anomaly revisited - New insights into a complex cooling and alteration history. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 164, 119-141, 2007. doi:10.1016/j.pepi.2007.06.004.  

Leó Kristjánsson:
Úr sögu íslenska silfurbergsins (English abstract: On some applications of Iceland spar prisms in biological sciences and medicine). Náttúrufrćđingurinn 76, 37-48, 2007. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Paleomagnetic research on Icelandic lava flows. Jökull 58, 101-116, 2008.

H.P. Gunnlaugsson, H. Rasmussen, Leó Kristjánsson, S. Steinthorsson, Ö. Helgason, P. Nörnberg, M.B. Madsen and S. Mörup:
Mössbauer spectroscopy of magnetic minerals in basalts on Earth and Mars. Hyperfine Interactions 182, 87-101, 2008. DOI 10.1007/s19751-008-9714-9 (pdf)

Leó Kristjansson:
A new study of paleomagnetic directions in the Miocene lava pile between Arnarfjördur and Breidafjördur in the Vestfirdir peninsula, Northwest Iceland. Jökull 59, 33-50, 2009. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Paleomagnetic observations at three locations in the Pleistocene lava sequences of southwest and south Iceland. Jökull 60, 149-164, 2010. (pdf)

B.R. Jicha, Leó Kristjánsson, M.C. Brown, B.S. Singer, B.L. Beard and C.M. Johnson:  
New age for the Skálamćlifell excursion and identification of a global geomagnetic event in the late Brunhes chron. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 310, 509-517, 2011. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Iceland spar and its legacy in science. History of Geo- and Space Sciences 3, 117-126, 2012. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
The Stardalur magnetic anomaly, SW-Iceland: a review of research in 1968-2012,
Jökull 63, 1-16, 2013.

Leó Kristjánsson:
Analyses of primary remanence vector data from a large collection of lava flows: towards improved methodology in paleo-geomagnetism,
Stud. Geophys. Geod., 57, 543-564, 2013. DOI: 10.1007/s11200-012-0480-4

Leó Kristjánsson:
New evidence on an episode of geomagnetic instability, recorded in Middle Miocene lava flows in Northwest Iceland. Stud. Geophys. Geod. 59, 309-324, 2015. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Paleomagnetic studies on the lava pile between Skálavík and Álftafjörður, Northwest Iceland. Jökull 64, 1-14, 2015. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Extension of the Middle Miocene Kleifakot geomagnetic instability event in Ísafjörður, Northwest Iceland. Jökull 66, 83-94, 2017 (pdf).

Leó Kristjánsson and Geirfinnur Jónsson:
A total-field magnetic anomaly map of the Reykjanes peninsula, Southwest Iceland
. Jökull 67, 43-49, 2018 (pdf)

Barry Voight et al.:
A half-century of geologic and geothermic investigations in Iceland: The legacy of Kristján Sæmundsson
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 2018.

Ađrar greinar frćđilegs eđlis / Other papers

Leó Kristjánsson:
The ice returns to Iceland
New Scientist 41, 508-509, 1969.

Leó Kristjánsson:
Framvinda jarđfrćđirannsókna á Íslandi
Týli 2, 9-18, 1972.

Leó Kristjánsson:
Lítiđ eitt um djúpsjávarboranir og aldur Norđur-Atlantshafsins
Náttúrufrćđingurinn 43, 72-76, 1973.

Leó Kristjánsson:
Rauđu millilögin
Týli 3, 72-76, 1973. (pdf)

A.G. Sylvester og Leó Kristjánsson:
What is Iceland ?
Geotimes 19, 26-28, 1974.

Leó Kristjánsson, Kjartan Thors og Haraldur R. Karlsson:
Í leit ađ megineldstöđvum á landgrunninu
Náttúrufrćđingurinn 46, 209-216, 1976. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Ný heimsmynd jarđfrćđinnar
Náttúrufrćđingurinn 48, 106-122, 1978.

Leó Kristjánsson:
The shelf area around Iceland
Jökull 29, 3-6, 1979. Einnig prentađ í Guide Book G02 fyrir Alţjóđa-jarđfrćđiţingiđ í París 1980 og í Geology of the European Countries, 2. bindi, Bordas, París 1980.

Leó Kristjánsson:
Stafróf náttúruvísindanna
Fréttabréf Eđlisfrćđifélags Íslands nr. 4, 3-6, 1983.

Leó Kristjánsson:
Enn um Lagarfljótsundrin
Týli 13(1), 19-22, 1983.

Guđrún Jónsdóttir o.fl.:
Ritskrá Sigurđar Ţórarinssonar - viđauki
Jökull 34, 186-189, 1984 (og enn viđauki í Jökli 36, 10, 1986)
(Sjá Web-publications)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Frímann - vanmetinn brautryđjandi
Heima er bezt 36, 278-279, 1985 (áđur í Fréttabréfi Eđlisfrćđifélags Íslands).
(Sjá Web-publications)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Bergsegulmćlingar - nytsöm tćkni viđ jarđfrćđikortlagningu
Náttúrufrćđingurinn 54, 119-130, 1985. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Jarđeđlisfrćđi og fornminjaleit
Náttúrufrćđingurinn 55, 49-59, 1985.

Leó Kristjánsson:
On the drawing of lines of force and equipotentials
The Physics Teacher 23, 202-206, 1985. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Nikulás Runólfsson, fyrsti íslenski eđlisfrćđingurinn
Lesbók Morgunblađsins 60(22), 11-12, 1985 og ítarlegar:
Tímarit Háskóla Íslands 2, 44-50, 1987. (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Ritskrá dr. Trausta Einarssonar
Jökull 35, 152-155, 1985 (međ viđauka í Jökli 36,10, 1986).

(Sjá Web-publications)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Danski norđurljósaleiđangurinn til Akureyrar 1899-1900
Heima er bezt 36, 360-361, 1985 (áđur í Fréttabréfi Eđlisfrćđifélags Íslands).

(Sjá Web-publications)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Sviđshugtakiđ og nemendur
Fréttabréf Félags raungreinakennara 3(1), 4-9, 1986.

Leó Kristjánsson og Ţorkell Helgason (ritstjórar og međhöfundar):
Raunvísindastofnun Háskólans 1966-1986
Kynningarrit, 48 bls.

Leó Kristjánsson:
Ţeir biđu eftir henni í Dýrafirđinum
Heima er bezt 36, 438-439, 1986 (áđur í Fréttabréfi Eđlisfrćđifélags Íslands).
(Sjá Web-publications)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Segulmćlingar Pourquoi Pas? - leiđangranna
Morgunblađiđ 74, 20. sept., 25, 1986.
(Sjá Web-publications)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Gloppótt raunvísindi í orđabók
Fréttabréf Eđlisfrćđifélags Íslands no. 10, 24-29, 1986.

Leó Kristjánsson:
Bergsegulmćlingar á Íslandi
Í: Í hlutarins eđli (ritstj. Ţorsteinn I. Sigfússon), 151-166. Menningarsjóđur, 1987
Segulsviđsmćlingar frá flugvélum og skipum viđ Ísland
Sama rit, 209-225
Ritskrá Ţorbjörns Sigurgeirssonar 
Sama rit, 429-433 (viđauki í Fréttabréfi Eđlisfrćđifélags Íslands no. 17, 1991).
(Sjá Web-publications)

Marteinn Sverrisson og Leó Kristjánsson:
Flugsegulmćlingar Raunvísindastofnunar Háskólans 1985-86
Eđlisfrćđi á Íslandi 3 (ritstj. Jón Pétursson og Ţór Jakobsson), 69-78, 1987.

Leó Kristjánsson:
Íslendingur skrifar um grundvallarlögmál varmafrćđinnar
Fréttabréf Eđlisfrćđifélags Íslands no. 12, 5-6, 1987.

Leó Kristjánsson o.fl.
Ritskrá Gunnars Böđvarssonar
Fréttabréf Eđlisfrćđifélags Íslands no. 13, 49-62, 1987 (viđauki í no. 17).
(Sjá Web-publications)

Leó Kristjánsson:
Merkur leiđangur til Ađalvíkur fyrir sextíu árum
Ársrit Sögufélags Ísfirđinga 30, 27-31, 1987 (áđur í Fréttabréfi Eđlisfrćđifélags Íslands). (pdf)

Leó Kristjánsson:
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(Sjá Web-publications)

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(Sjá Web-publications)

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(Sjá Web-publications)

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(Sjá Web-publications)

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Skýrslur og kennslurit / Reports

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Um bergsegulmćlingar
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Marine magnetic survey of Breiđifjörđur, W-Iceland.
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Some measurements and computations relevant to magnetic layer thickness estimates in Iceland.
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Stefnur segulsviđsfrávika viđ Reykjanesskaga
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Orđanefnd Eđlisfrćđifélags Íslands:
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Magnetic surveys at the Science Institute
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Geirfinnur Jónsson og Leó Kristjánsson:
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Fjölrit, 81 bls. 1994 og 59 bls. 1995. Endurútgefiđ ađ hluta 1996.

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Jarđeđlisfrćđistofa, ritskrá 1991-1996.
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Aeromagnetic surveys off South and West Iceland in 1990-1992
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Silfurberg og ţáttur ţess í ţróun raunvísinda og ýmissar tćkni: minnisblöđ og heimildaskrá
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2. útgáfa, skýrsla RH-19-2007, 384 bls., 2007.

Leó Kristjánsson:
Iceland spar and its influence on the development of science and technology in the period 1780-1930 (3rd edition)

Report RH-20-2010, Science Institute, University of Iceland 2010, 400 pp.

Iceland spar and its influence on science and technology in the period 1780-1930 (4th edition)
Report JH-2015-02 (Sept. 2015, 472 pp.) with an annotated list of references.

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