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Below you find links to a selection of Earth Sciences resources on the web. I welcome any suggestions as to interesting Earth Science links that could be included here.

bullethttp://www.norvol.hi.is/  - This is the web-site of the Nordic Volcanological Centre, University of Iceland. Interesting site on the geology of Iceland, particularly volcanism.
bullethttp://www.jardvis.hi.is - This is a link to the Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland, with information on its activities, Icelandic geology, etc.
bulletUniversity of California, Berkley, Museum of Paleontology - A very good web-site on Earths history. I highly reccommend a visit.
bullet Paleoclimatology Slide Sets  This site is hosted by the National Geophysical Data Center in Boulder, Colorado, and contains good educational materials on climate development through time.
bulletQuaternary Environments of the Eurasian North (QUEEN) - This is the web site of the now concluded QUEEN programme. It contains numerous data and maps.
bulletPast Global Changes (PAGES) - The PAGES web site contains lots of useful information about research activities as well as educational materials concerning environmental changes past, present and future...
bulletPALEOS - One of the best web resources there are on development of life on Earth through time.
bullet Bluntisham Books - specialist in polar books - This is where I buy most of my polar books, a small bookstore in Bluntisham, near Cambridge, England. They have a catalog on the web, always good selection of books, reasonable prices, friendly service. Check it out!
bulletPhotos from Iceland - This site is maintained by Peter Bird, and contains numerous photos of geological phenomena in Iceland.
bulletGlobal Paleogeographic views of Earth's history - A very good web site at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, with reconstructions of global tectonics for the past 600 million years. The site is maintained by Ron Blakey, and his home page contains some very good educational materials.
bullet Earth Science World Image Bank - This site, which is maintained by the American Geological Institute, contains collections of geological images, from volcanoes to glaciers, and sand dunes to earthquakes. Excellent educational material.
bullet Web-textbook: The Physical Environment - Here is an interesting web-based textbook in physical geology. Contains good basic text, as well as good illustrations, video clips etc.
bulletAll about glaciers - This site, maintained by National Snow and Ice Data Centre, contains lots of useful and interesting information on glaciers. Not really all about glaciers, but a lot...
bullet Illustrated glossary of Alpine landforms - This site is maintained by the Virtual Geography Group of Central University of Mitchican, USA. Basic glacial geomorphology, worth visiting if you are into glacial geology.
bullet Glaciers and Glacial Geology - This site, maintained by professor William Locke at University of Montana in Bozeman, contains lots of useful information on glaciers, glacial processes and sediments. Well worth a visit.
bullet Geology educational materials - The School of Earth Sciences and Geography at Keele University has this web site - image collections of sedimentary structures and glaciers.
bullet The Snowball Earth - This is a link to the paper by Hoffman and Schrag on the concept of a Precambrian Snowball Earth. Very interesting, and hard to disprove...
bulletAntarctic Ice Sheet Evolution - Link to a paper by Hambrey and Hubbard on Antarctica. See also my own paper under the sidebar Antarctica glacial history
bulletUSGS Landsat Project - A page maintained by the Geological Survey of the United States, with beautiful and illustrative satellite photos.
bullet Scary aspects to a future warming scenario - Link to a paper by Wallace S. Broecker on one possible future scenario resulting from global warming.
bullet Geo-images Project - A link to a database containing numerous photos and illustrations of geological phenomena
bullet Stefan Rahmstorf Ocean circulation and climate during the past 120,000 years - An excellent review paper by Stefan Rahmstorf, published in Nature in 2002.
bulletNatural history of Iceland - This is a web site focusing on birds and flowers, but also some geology and landscapes.
bullet Volcanoes of Iceland - This site is maintained by the National Museum of Natural History, the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, USA. Informative on Icelandic volcanoes.
bulletThe Icelandic Meteorological Office - If you are looking for information on current weather, sea ice or earthquakes, check this page out.


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